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Virginia Class of 2012 Team Profile


Virginia picked up a terrific pair of small forwards between Justin Anderson (#18) and Evan Nolte (#65). As I’ve exhaustively repeated, Anderson is a very, very underrated player and both he and Nolte will bring tremendous work ethics to Virginia. Both have winning attitudes and are the types of players you want leading your locker room, particularly Anderson. Point guard Teven Jones and center Mike Tobey have good upside and pretty high ceilings and could surprise people at their time in Charlottesville. I like this class as a whole from top to bottom and see good potential.

Get to know the recruits

Justin Anderson | Overall: #18 | Position: Small Forward (#3) | 6’6 | 222

Justin Anderson is the most underrated player in my mind in recent history. His energy and motor are unparalleled, his athleticism is close to unparalleled, his work ethic is among the best in the class and oh yeah, he plays defense, rebounds, gets to the basket at will, is a great leader and is developing a better perimeter shot. It boggles my mind that people don’t have this kid ranked higher and some don’t even consider him a top-50 prospect. However, there are some things he can work on to improve his game. He has done a terrific job developing a better perimeter shot and has great range but he needs to make sure he doesn’t stay out on the perimeter too much when he can get to the basket. He can also become a better ball-handler.

Evan Nolte | Overall: #65 | Position: Small Forward (#15) | 6’7 | 195

Nolte always displays one thing whenever I see him perform — the ability to make winning plays. He does all of the little things well and is hard-working and plays to win the game rather than for individual stats. He plays well on both ends of the court and he displays a nice shooting stroke. Although he plays good defense, his slow lateral quickness hurts him since it’s more difficult for him to keep his opponent of his lane. Nolte has a great motor too and is a good finisher. He does a good job of slashing to the bucket and uses his size and strength intelligently in addition to his good foot work to constantly get in the lane since he isn’t able to simply blow past guys. He hustles after loose balls, gives great effort and energy and will bring a winning attitude to Virginia.

Mike Tobey | Overall: NR | Position: Center (NR) | 6’11 | 210

Tobey is a skilled big man who fell just outside of our top-75 rankings. He can play inside and out and has a soft touch around the bucket and in the mid-range game. Tobey has good hands and footwork in the low post and is a guy who has very good upside. He’s raw in the paint and has a few things he can improve on. He can develop better strength and conditioning in addition to the ability to finish, especially while having to adjust for contact.

Teven Jones | Overall: NR | Position: Point Guard (NR) | 6’0 | 180

Jones in an intriguing prospect who was helped by his post-grad year at Fishburne Military School where he was the team captain. He has great physical tools between his quickness and athleticism and is tough and physical. What seems to be a popular theme in this Virginia recruiting class, he has good upside and a terrific shot. Jones is a good ball-handler who gets into the lane consistently and has a high basketball-IQ.

Taylor Barnette | Overall: NR | Position: Shooting Guard (NR) | 6’3 | 165

Barnette is a versatile two guard that can rebound, pass and shoot. His rebounding skills are above a lot of other prospects in his class at his position and he has shown solid consistency from beyond the arc, although he can improve on that. Barnette is capable of distributing the ball to and can set up his teammates but expect him to have a limited impact on the Cavaliers.

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