Tyler Lewis

Thanks to class of 2012 point guard Tyler Lewis (North Carolina State) for doing the interview with us. The 5’11, 165-pound floor general talked to us about his recent decision to transfer to Oak Hill, who he thinks will be the next North Carolina State commit and much more.

We are also excited to announce that we will be holding our first live chat with Lewis and possibly shooting guard Torian Graham (#30 — North Carolina State), Wednesday (Aug, 3) at 2:00 p.m. (EST). This is a great opportunity to chat live with Lewis and to ask him anything you want from why he chose N.C. State to what he enjoys eating.

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

Having the opportunity to play in front of college recruiters and see and talk to all those coaches you see on television.

What was your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

My least favorite part was just all the phone calls. Everyday you would get them and it was different schools everyday and it just got annoying after a while. It takes out a part of your day because you didn’t want to turn any of the coaches down or anything.

Why did you commit to North Carolina State?

I chose North Carolina State because it was the right situation for me. I fell in love with the schools and it’s close to home. I love the coaching staff and it feels like the best place that I can go to succeed and it’s in one of the best conferences in the country.

What do you like about N.C. State that isn’t basketball related?

The whole campus is really nice. The academics are really good too and they’re important because one day basketball is going to end and you need to be able to rely on something else.

What are you looking forward to at N.C. State?

I’m just looking forward to trying to get them back to the top of the ACC and help N.C. State win the conference.

Are there any specific games you’re excited for?

I grew up a North Carolina fan so I’m really looking forward to that.

Why did you choose to commit at the time you did?

I just felt like it was the right place for me. It felt right in my heart and I knew where I was going to go to school and I just knew it was the best fit for me.

Who helped you the most in the recruiting process?

My parents and old high school coach helped me a lot. They just helped me through the process and looked at the pros and cons of each school. They knew I didn’t want to go too school far away from home and they helped me stay humble and helped me find the best fit.

Have you been recruiting anyone else for N.C. State?

Yeah, right now I’m trying to get [class of 2012 shooting guard] Rodney Purvis (#7), who’s top three we’re in. I’m also going after [class of 2012 small forward] T.J. Warren (#47), [class of 2012 small forward] Andrew White and [class of 2012 power forward] Amile Jefferson (#11).

Who do you think the next N.C. State commit will be?

I think the next N.C. State commit will be Rodney Purvis.

Which basketball memory is your favorite?

My favorite basketball memory is probably my sophomore year in high school when we were playing our rival school and I hit a three-pointer at the end of regulation to send the game into overtime. Then, I hit another three at the end of the first overtime to send the game into a second overtime. I did the same thing in the second overtime and in the third overtime I got fouled with two seconds left and hit the game-winning free throw.

What has been the coolest part of your recruitment?

The coolest part for me was getting free tickets to football games and getting to take my family and friends, I’ve always been a big football fan. That was a really cool part and it was also cool to meet all the head coaches from different schools.

Did UNC being your favorite school growing up impact your recruitment at all?

It factored into my recruitment because I was just seeing what they would do. They recruited me pretty well for a while but then I saw North Carolina State was the best fit for me so that’s why I chose them.

Are there any specific venues you’re looking forward to playing at in college?

The best place to play at will probably be [Duke’s] Cameron Indoor Stadium because it’s so small and gets so loud. It will be fun to play at Cameron.

What’s your favorite thing about playing basketball?

I just love it, it’s something I love doing. Just having the opportunity to play it everyday is so fun. Traveling around the country and playing against the best competition has also been fun for me.

Why did you transfer to Oak Hill?

Because it’s a good fit for me, I’ll be playing against the best competition and I’ll be challenged everyday in practice and during games. It will get me more prepared for N.C. State.

Are there any specific players you look forward to playing with?

I’m looking forward to playing with all of them, every guy is really good. I’m looking forward to playing with [class of 2012 power forward] Jarnell Stokes (#17), [class of 2012 small forward] Jordan Adams (#50 — U.C.L.A.), [class of 2012 small forward] Damien Wilson (Memphis), [class of 2012 point guard] D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera (#32), [class of 2012 center] A.J. Hammons (#48) and basically everyone. We’ll be one of the best teams in the country.

Talk about the decision-making process regarding your transfer.

[Oak Hill head coach] Steve Smith called me in the beginning of the summer and I didn’t think too much of it because I thought I would stay with my high school team I played for three years with. But then I went to team camp with my high school team and it just didn’t feel right, I just felt like it’s not going to get me better like I wanted to. When I got back I had a meeting with coach Smith and just loved Oak Hill so I think it’s going to be a good place for me.

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