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Syracuse Class of 2012 Team Profile


Syracuse is bringing in a terrific duo in the class of 2012 between small forward Jerami Grant (#41) and center DaJuan Coleman (#15). Both have great size and both are terrific fits for the 2-3 zone. Grant loves to get out into transition and Coleman has been improving his conditioning and his ability to run the floor. Coleman already has college-ready size and strength and Grant is a high-level finisher. Both will make a significant impact at Syracuse during their time with the Orangemen but Coleman will be more ready to make an impact on day one than Grant.

Get to know the recruits

DaJuan Coleman | Overall: #15 | Position: Center (#6) | 6’8 | 280

Unlike most high school big men in the country, Coleman has the strength and post-scoring ability that is already good enough for the college ranks. He has good hands and footwork that a big man needs and is surprisingly athletic for his 6’8, 280-pound frame. His shot-blocking ability is also solid for size and length and he has good arc and touch on his hook shots. Some things Coleman needs to work on include his mid-range game (which could give him the ultimate offensive game if developed) and his defensive post-game. He also needs to make sure he doesn’t put on too much more weight and stays in shape, but I’ve been impressed with his improved conditioning recently. His size, rebounding and post-play reminds me of former North Carolina star Sean May, too.

Jerami Grant | Overall: #41 | Position: Small Forward (#9) | 6’8 | 196

Grant has a terrific combination of length and athleticism and does a great job of finishing above the rim. He can score against smaller opponents by taking them inside and bigger defenders by utilizing dribble penetration and getting by them to the rim. However, one big thing he can improve on is his perimeter shooting. Developing a better three-point shot would significantly help his game on the offensive end and add an additional dimension to his arsenal.

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