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Sir’Dominic Pointer


SF (#8)

Pointer is a great athlete who excels in transition and finishes well once he gets to the basket. He is a tough, versatile player who can guard multiple positions on the perimeter. He also is a good slasher and is dangerous because he has the ability to not just finish with a dunk but pull up and hit the mid-range jumper.
Jakarr Sampson


SF (#12)

He is a very athletic wing who has good upside and versatility. He is able to get to the rim consistently due to his athleticism and quickness and finishes well at the rim. Although he is not a great shooter from beyond the arc, he does have a good mid-range jumper and has good form at the free throw line which gets him a lot of points since he always draws contact when he gets to the bucket.

D’Angelo Harrison


SG (#15)

Harrison is a combo guard who has great range and consistency on his shot. He attacks the basket fearlessly and has great confidence in everything he does. He can also put a lot of points on the board in a short amount of time and has solid ball-handling skills.

Maurice Harkless


SF (#15)

Harkless is a similar prospect to Jakarr Sampson, in the sense that he is an athletic slasher who plays well in transition. However, unlike Sampson, he is a better outside shooter and mid-range game.

Norvel Pelle



Pelle is a very long and explosive player and runs the floor very well. Because of his athleticism and size, he is a great shot-blocker and finisher. He also crashes the boards well has a lot of potential because of his physical gifts and raw talent.

Amir Garrett



Garrett is another St. John’s wing who has ideal size, length and athleticism. He is a good slasher and finishes well above the rim. He also plays very well in transition and has a fearless mentality in getting to the bucket.

Phillip Greene



Greene is a combo guard who can be compared to Harrison is the sense that he loves getting to the basket and is fearless in doing so. He is also a good ball-handler and is quick and efficient when he gets into the lane.

Nurideen Lindsey



Lindsey is a Junior College player who will have three years of eligibility for St. John’s that brings some experience to a very young Red Storm squad. Lindsey is a prolific scorer who can score in a variety of ways whether it’s getting to the bucket or knocking down the three-pointer. His primary role for St. John’s will be a scorer.

God’s Gift Achiuwa



Achiuwa is St. John’s only center commit and balances out a perimeter-oriented class that includes four small forwards and three shooting guards. He also adds experience to this young team and runs the floor well and has all the physical abilities you want in a big man between his size, speed and athleticism.


The Red Storm has four top-50 recruits, tied for second with Kentucky, and two other prospects that are close to being ranked in the top-50 (power forward Norvel Pelle and small forward Amir Garrett). They may also have the most athletic class in the country between their three small forwards Sir’Dominic Pointer (#30), Jakarr Sampson (#44) and Maurice Harkless (#50) who are all elite athletes. Interestingly enough, the Johnnies’ prospect with the most potential may be Pelle since he is a great shot-blocker and rebounder and runs the floor extremely well. Shooting guard D’Angelo Harrison also gives them a scoring threat on the wing since he is a good slasher and can hit the three-pointer with great consistency and range. Steve Lavin has done an excellent job in recruiting in just his first full year with St. John’s.


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