Sidiki Johnson

Thanks to class of 2011 power forward Sidiki Johnson (Arizona) for doing the interview with us. Johnson is a 6’8, 220-pound big-man who is a New York-native and attends Oak Hill Academy in Virginia. He talked to us about why he’s excited to play at Arizona, what his goals are, who he’s recruiting in the class of 2012 and class of 2013 and much more.

What was your favorite part of being recruited?

Just having the opportunity to go see all the different schools and great colleges.

What was your least favorite part of being recruited?

I don’t have a least favorite part, all of the recruiting visits and all the coaches and college campuses were great. There were no bad parts at all, all of it was fun. I got to see a lot of great colleges all around the country.

Why did you commit to Arizona?

I committed to the University of Arizona because of the coaching staff, the campus, the university itself, the legacy behind it and all the great players that went there and the history of it.

What do you like about Arizona that isn’t basketball related?

All of the programs you can get into, all of the courses you can take. The environment is just amazing.

What do you most look forward to next year at Arizona?

I just look forward to getting into the gym and working hard and hoping for the best and working for the best with my teammates.

Who are you excited to play with next year at Arizona?

Yeah, we got three guys coming in [other than myself] and have a top five class. It’s going to be wonderful to play with all of those guys and it’s going to be a great opportunity.

Have you been able to see any of the other guys in the class of 2011 that you’re going to Arizona with play?

I’m looking forward to playing with all three of the guys that are coming in with me. Josiah and Angelo… I’ve played with those guys, it was exciting. I played with Nick a couple of weekends ago and I played with Josiah last week, it’s just an opportunity to play with some good players. The team chemistry now is wonderful so me playing with them now and playing with great players it will better my game and better the team too.

What’s your favorite thing about basketball?

It’s just a fun game man, it’s just a fun game, when you have the talent and just playing it is fun it’s a blessing. You can do whatever you want, just playing pick-up, it’s all just fun.

What’s your favorite memory in your playing career?

Hitting a buzzer beating, it was fun, there was some talking back and forth and the ball was in my hands and I just hit the shot. I hit one too at the Peach Jam last summer and that was fun.

What are your goals for your career at Arizona?

To win a national championship, that’s the main goal. Individually, to be the Pac-10 Player of the Year, and to be the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year.

What has playing basketball taught you?

It just taught me how to humble myself and how beautiful life is and all the wonderful things in it.

Do you have any funny or interesting recruiting stories?

No, not really, it was all cool and fun, just chilling with the boys, chilling with the team, that’s about it.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

Some people just know me from the basketball court and being tough but I think I’m a fun guy to be around and just joke around and enjoy life.

What type of opportunities has basketball opened up for you?

It opened up a career for me, a great career for me, I get to see all these schools and get to go to a great university. It’s just wonderful.

Are you trying to recruit any sophomores or juniors?

Yeah, right now, Chris Thomas, he’s a great player, we already got Grant Jerrett, he’s a great player… Danny Dingle out of New York, he’s pretty good… and this kid from Cali, Shabazz Muhammad, that’s about it.

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