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Rakeem Christmas

Name: Rakeem Christmas

Overall Rank: #20

Position (Rank): Center (#1)

College: Syracuse

High School: Academy of New Church (Pennsylvania)

Height: 6’9

Weight: 222

Evaluation: Christmas is a similar prospect to Khem Birch (#8 — Pittsburgh) in the sense that they are both outstanding shot-blockers and rebounders but can improve on their offensive scoring game. Christmas seems to get a large majority of his points off put-backs and tip-ins, which is good, but struggles to create his own shot inside the paint. He has shown potential in scoring on the low block but he isn’t consistent and seems to only dominate against smaller opponents, something he will see very little of when he reaches the college ranks. A nice quality about him is that he’s a good passer from under the basket and can hit teammates slashing to the basket or sitting open beyond the three-point line. The key for Christmas is for him to develop a more aggressive mentality on the offensive end with skills to match the mind-set.

Notes: Committed to Syracuse in August, 2010

Awards: 2011 McDonald’s All-American, 2011 Jordan Brand Classic Participant, 2011 Nike Hoop Summit Participant

Stats: Senior year– 11.3 ppg, 9.6 rpg and 3.9 blocks

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