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Quincy Miller

Name: Quincy Miller

Overall Rank: #7

Position (Rank): Power Forward (#3)

College: Baylor

High School: Westchester (Illinois)

Height: 6’9

Weight: 210

Evaluation: Miller is a versatile combo-forward who has great size and athleticism. He is also quick which allows him to get to the basket easily causing a difficult match-up for opponents. He is a great, explosive finisher and has a very high basketball IQ as well. Miller can play with his back to the basket or facing it and can knock down shots from behind the arc too. His rebounding and shot-blocking also makes him a playmaker but only when he puts his full effort into it.  Miller’s strength on the perimeter can sometimes turn into a weakness since he spends too much time out there causing fewer offensive rebounds and put-backs. He also needs to put on some weight and improve his shooting consistently but he is an elite prospect who will be an impact player at Baylor next year.

Notes: Committed to Baylor in October, 2010; Tore his ACL sidelining him for his senior season

Awards: 2011 Jordan Brand Classic Participant

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