Nick Faust

Name: Nick Faust

Overall Rank: #38

Position (Rank): Shooting Guard (#12)

College: Maryland

High School: Baltimore City College (Maryland)

Height: 6’6

Weight: 175

Evaluation: Faust is an all-around good player and plays with a lot of energy and obvious love of the game. He is a good shooter with tremendous range and a quick and high release which makes it very difficult for defenders to disrupt his shot. He also has a good mid-range game with a good pull-up jumper and is a good driver who has quick first step and good crossover to get by defenders. His ball-handling is sufficient as well to be a secondary ball-handler and if need be run the point for part of the game. The biggest area for improvement for Faust is his strength but he is an explosive scorer who should have a good future playing for the Terps.

Notes: Committed to Maryland in October, 2010; Released from letter of intent to Maryland in May, 2011; Re-committed to Maryland in May, 2011

Awards: 2011 Chicago NeXt All-American Classic

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2 comments on “Nick Faust

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