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Nemanja Djurisic

Thanks to class of 2011 power forward Nemanja Djurisic for doing the interview with us. The Montenegro native committed to Georgia in March this year and is a versatile big man who will help the Bulldogs in a variety of ways.

What was your favorite part of being recruited?

I was able to have the time and opportunity to travel and discover many different places and learn more about each place I went. Meeting people that have been in basketball for a long time and learning something new from interacting with them was great. I had some great head coaches recruiting me during the past season and I enjoyed talking with them and meeting them and getting to know them better.

What was your least favorite part of being recruited?

My least favorite moment would be the one when I needed to call all those coaches that put a lot of time and effort in recruiting me and tell them that I won’t be a part of their team next year.

Why did you commit to Georgia?

I was sure about my decision because of their good situation with their coaching staff, their great stability, and they’re a program that is rising and I think it’s a good situation for me to step in and try to help build the team even more. I tried to find the place that can give me great competition to make me better and that would give me exposure so I could be seen.

What do you like about Georgia that isn’t basketball related?

I looked for a place where I can enjoy being a player and student and I felt Georgia is that place. I like their campus, organization, people, academics, and when I visited it was different than all of the other schools.

What do you most look forward to at Georgia next year?

I’m looking forward to being a part of their team and working with great players and coaching staff. Also, just bringing my basketball to a higher level and discovering myself against the best competition.

Are there any particular games you’re excited for?

Every team that they schedule, I will be exited equally for all of those games. I watched them on television and now I can be part of them so I will be very excited to play on TV.

What’s your favorite memory playing basketball?

A game that I will remember forever was the one in the Summer of 2008 against when I scored 20 points in the first 10 minutes of the game… I scored all our team points. That year, we finished second behind Germany. It allowed me to see further, it allowed me to understand what it takes to accomplish goals. Sometimes basketball took me even further than I imagined… but the moment I’m most proud of is the one when I decide to come to America and try myself against the best.

What opportunities has basketball brought you that you couldn’t otherwise have a chance at?

To get a degree, have a great time on the basketball court and enjoy the people and the city of Athens. Playing basketball gave me an opportunity to discover more, and break the boundaries. I am set at Georgia for the next four years and can play in a great conference.

What are your goals for Georgia next year?

When I left home it was for a reason and my goal is to be an accomplished young man with a degree and basketball knowledge that will give me the opportunity to play professional basketball.

What has basketball taught you?

To take care of myself and people around me and to never quit on them or myself. Through teamwork, I learned how to treat people around me in real life.

What’s it like making the transition to playing basketball in America?

The transition is hard… it’s just hard to adjust to that distance first of all, to learn how to deal with homesickness and then on the basketball side to adjust to the speed and athleticism in the game over here. It took me a while before I felt comfortable. In South Kent, people treated me well which made things easier for me.

What have the opportunities that basketball has brought meant to your family in Montenegro?

To my family, it means a lot just the fact that I’m out there trying to accomplish my goal… even if they miss me so much they are still supporting me because they know it will make me a better man.

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  1. […] to class of 2011 power forward Nemanja Djurisic for doing the interview with us. The Montenegro native committed to Georgia in March this year and is a versatile big man […]

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