Jarnell Stokes

Class of 2012 power forward Jarnell Stokes (#17) is one of the best players in the country and is being chased by some of the top programs in all of college basketball. He has agreed to give National Recruiting Spotlight exclusive access to his life and recruitment in his player blog and will reveal any important developments regarding his recruitment in these entries. Make sure you follow him @JarnellStokes on Twitter!


What’s up readers! This is Jarnell Stokes! I’m so excited to start writing this blog to let everyone know not only about my recruitment, but how life is off the court also! I get to show my intellectuality! Hahahaha!

I’m a quiet and humble guy out of Memphis, Tennessee, with two brothers and a little sister. My older brother is at the University of Tennessee, while my younger brother is in the 8th grade. Although I wear a size 20 shoe, he wears a 17 already! I definitely will have BIG shoes to fill as he gets older! Literally!

I play for the YOMCA and my head coach/trainer is Jevonte Holmes. We work out at all times of the day and it has proven effective. Luckily school is out so I don’t have to work out at five in the morning anymore! My team won the Real Deal on the Rock and qualified for the Nike EYBL Peach Jam and went on a 36-game winning-streak before losing last weekend.

How about the NBA Finals! It’s great to see two new dynasties battle it out for the trophy! Although I hate that people have doubted LeBron [James] as a winner, I still am happy that the Mavs pulled it off! Isn’t it great seeing Dirk [Nowitzki] and [Jason] Kidd retire with hard-fought rings? I’m just glad Dirk and Kidd were able to get a championship because they failed so many times. Kidd is about to retire, he may retire this year, and Dirk is the most underrated player in the league, maybe in this decade.

Hopefully LeBron will be able to get one in the future but I just don’t think it was his time right now. All the criticism he has been getting comes with him being “The King.” He needs to live up to those standards or people will criticize him if he doesn’t.

To switch subjects, it’s a true blessing from God to be wanted and honestly recruiting can become an enormous amount of pressure because you don’t want to let anyone down. Getting lots of tweets from college fans shows how much you’re wanted. I haven’t narrowed my list down but I have a very strong top six. They are Arkansas, Memphis, Florida, Tennessee, UConn and Kentucky.

At Arkansas, they teach family and they have a history with Memphis guys. I’m just real close with their coaching staff and they’ve been recruiting me since 7th or 8th grade. Memphis has been recruiting me since 8th grade too and I like that [assistant] coach [Jack] Murphy is from the NBA. He knows what it takes to get to the league since he’s been at that level. With [head] coach [Josh] Pastner, I just think he’s a cool, down-to-earth guy. He’s one of the future great head coaches in college basketball.

With Florida, I just like the tradition of big men that they’ve had like Udonis Haslem and Al Horford. They just have a winning tradition and I grew up watching those guys. It was big for me to be recruited by [head coach] Billy Donovan. And at Tennessee, I was really high on them before [former head coach] Bruce Pearl got fired but the new coaching staff seems cool. Although, our relationship isn’t up to par like it is with the other coaching staffs which is kind of hurting their chances. They just really haven’t had as much time. They’ve been recruiting me since day one but they just got there. As for UConn, I like them because they’re the National Champions and they have a rich tradition. [Head coach] Jim Calhoun sends people to the pros and you have to like that.

These schools are the ones recruiting me the most and I see a good opportunity to win at them in the future. I’m going to make my choice based off of whatever school my heart is in and I hope to play combo-forward in college so I can play inside and out. I also have a good relationship with the coaching staffs at all of these schools. Out of these six schools, three of them have a great chance of landing me. Who knows?

This past weekend, I went to Adidas Nation in Houston, Texas and it was a great experience. I learned what I need to work on and it’s great competing against the best guys in your class. It was a really good learning experience and now I know what I need to work on. I struggled playing more in the perimeter but sometimes you have to get beat up a little bit so you can get something out of it.

I tweet basically everything that comes to mind so follow me @JarnellStokes. Basically I let my game do my talking. Stay tuned for more on recruiting and my workout schedule… I may just reveal those three schools that have the best chance…


Thanks again to Jarnell Stokes for giving us an inside look at his life and recruitment. If you would like Jarnell to talk about anything specific, you can send an e-mail to National Recruiting Spotlight at joshpaunil@gmail.com with your tips and suggestions. Don’t forget to follow both Jarnell (@JarnellStokes) and Josh (@JoshPaunilNRS) on Twitter.

47 comments on “Jarnell Stokes

  1. […] agreed to give National Recruiting Spotlight exclusive access to his life and recruitment in his player blog and will reveal any and all important developments regarding his recruitment in these […]

  2. UK…lol…huh?
    I thought Satan would have picked up his soul already, Cal still coaching?
    I still havent figured out how Cal didn’t get busted on the 100k payment to John Wall. I guess Wall’s AAU coach kept quite cause he got the agent rights before the draft. WWW does have Beyonce on his speed dial though.
    Jarnell, you’ll be lottery no matter where you go…good luck.

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  4. […] Jarnell Stokes trims list to 6 We're in it. Along with Arkansas, Florida, Memphis, Tennessee, and Kentucky. He would be a good pick up instead of McGary if that doesn't work out. Jarnell Stokes | National Recruiting Spotlight […]

  5. Jarnell, if you come to Arkansas you don’t have to share the spotlight with an NBA team. The Razorbacks are the pro team in Arkansas. Plus, you can play in an NBA type of arena on our campus. You don’t have to borrow one and play second fiddle.

    • Memphis is a basketball crazy city and the University is a basketball crazy school. There is enough “spotlight” in the City for both. Promise.

  6. Hey bro, be the one Memphis guy with big enough balls to leave the city for a little while and experience something different. Plus, if you play for Memphis, you play for a mid-major in a terrible conference. You’re better than playing games at southern miss, East Carolina, Rice and Marshall. You don’t get to be on TV much when you play in a weak conference like that.

    • Don’t worry he will get on National TV so much at Memphis it wouldn’t matter if he played the little sisters of the poor in conference. Also i wouldn’t start talking trash about C-USA if i were you. The C-USA/SEC head to head has been quite interesting the past few years.

  7. Arkansas! You will play inside-out bigtime in Coach Anderson’s system!

  8. […] Another Class of 2012 basketball star, this time Jarnell Stokes, has Kentucky in a tip six, reports a National Recruiting Spotlight. (h/t to All Ky […]

  9. Go Tigers Go! Memphis is close to our first National Championship…..come put this city over the top! Believe Memphis!

  10. The 100 K wasn’t to Wall. It was rumored that World Wide Wes forgave a loan he had made to Wall’s handlers. That’s why Duke NC State, and North Carolina couldn’t get close to Wall. Wall was going with Calipari’s guy, William Wesley, no matter where he was, be it Memphis or Kentucky. Left alone I would have wagered that Wall landed at NC State since they have stong connections with Word of God, Wall’s school.

  11. Play for a team that draws 18,000. Get in the best shape of your life. Help bring a National Championship to the city. Stay home and be a Memphis Tiger!

  12. Jarnell, help us beat Louisville! 🙂 MEMPHIS!

  13. Arkansas is quickly on the rise, not to far from home and has some of the best facilities to help get you to the next level. Anderson knows what it takes to win a National title and a big man like you would thrive in his system!

  14. Jack Murphy and Damon Stodamire are both from the NBA and you know where they coach at. The same place that one of the most respected trainers in the world is now working. The University of Memphis baby! Go frackin’ Tigers!!

  15. Jarnell….I just think you and your new blog are awesome….and guess what, as much as I would love to see you stay in Memphis and become a Tiger……..I WILL FOLLOW YOUR COLLEGE CAREER (& BEYOND) WHERE EVER YOU GO! Of course you understand I cannot root for you playing against the Memphis Tigers! GTG!!
    God Bless and keep watching over that younger brother.

  16. Good luck to wherever you go —- unless it’s Kentucky. 🙂 GO TIGERS!

  17. I have followed basketball for over 40 years…. Jarnell you have the closest game of anyone I have ever seen of former Arkansas Razorback Corliss Williamson. You are a bully on the inside and have a consistent jumper from the outside. You would thrive in Anderson’s system, just as Corliss did. Keep working hard and you will be as successful as Corliss was… A perennial top player of the year candidate. Keep up the hard work and stay hungry young man. Best wishes in your future no matter where you go!

  18. Jarnell, all the other schools may want you , but we at tennessee need you more. go vols go Bruce pearl.

  19. Jarnell, come to Memphis and you’ll be the first “Jarnell Stokes” rather than the second Corliss Williamson. Memphis LOVES basketball unlike any other place in the country. Being from Memphis you’ve seen that. And you and the Tigers will be winners and big time. Everything is in place at Memphis for a great run. Hope you’re wearing blue when this happens and playing for the City. 🙂

  20. If u wanna play for a winner, get taught how to become a solid pro, do well in your studies, Live in the famous Uk players Lodge, Become a National Champion, Play for the Premiere coach in America, & be a #1 lottery pick than come to Kentucky.. If you wanna be on a mediocre team, not win much, not get prepped the right way for the lottery, have your coach hold you back (i.e. Roy Williams, Pastner, etc) VS. pushing to be a PRO, play games on tape delay for the tri-state area vs. East Carolina, play in the NIT, etc: then go to a school other than BBN.. Either way your a Super Talent & I wish u the very Best!

  21. […] could benefit greatly from a standout AAU season. Check out the rest of Jarnell’s diary entry HERE. To switch subjects, it’s a true blessing from God to be wanted and honestly recruiting can […]

  22. Jim Calhoun knows how to put guys in the pros plus if you come to UConn u can help us raise another national championship banner to the rafters. U going to visit her anytime soon?

  23. You should come to UConn.. If you want to play for a Hall Of fame coach who has 3 national championships with your help it could be #4 or 5 not to mention the countless guys he has put in the NBA. Coach Calhoun and Coach Olie would have you ready to be a star in the league for years to come. Wherever u decide to go I wish u the best off luck!

  24. Jarnell… “MEMPHIS” is the place to be, originally your from here lol… If FRESHMANS can take it to the Second Round towards the National Championship and youuu being a PLUS to the team will be Great! All i got to say, man follow your dreams. . .

  25. You would fit great at Arkansas! You get to be apart of a great recruiting class from a year ago plus hopefully Archie Goodwin. That says Nat’l Championship! Plus the whole basketball crazy state would love you and you would play at the next level no doubt. Good Luck with wherever you go Jarnell!

  26. […] Stokes is a beast at 6′-8″. The 2012 prospect from Memphis Central (TN) is doing a diary for the National Recruiting Spotlight. He set his list at six schools, naming Arkansas, Memphis, Florida, Tennessee, UConn and […]

  27. I love that Arkansas fans say play in an NBA like arena instead of the real thing. Lol. Everyone in Memphis knows that the MEMPHIS TIGERS are the citys #1 team; with the Griz a distant #2! Dream on Razorbacks! Oh & Elliot Williams left for Duke then came home to the U of M & was Pastner’s first #1 round pick. Jarnell with you JJ, Tarik, Adonis, CC, who can beat us…?nobody! Just like when y’all ran AAU together. Show the world that Memphis has the BEST bball talent in the world! Let Arkansas & Knoxville produce their own talent; stay home bro!

  28. Jarnell, keep it real man and stay at home. You know the folks here got ya bro. You know how these folks put the city down man well, that stops when you sign with the Tigers man! Jarnell, you time has come to put on for YOUR city pimp!! GO TIGERS!!!!!!!

  29. […] have a very strong top six. They are Arkansas, Memphis, Florida, Tennessee, UConn and Kentucky. http://recruitingspotlight.wordpress…arnell-stokes/ Last edited by Chris4Vols22; 06-14-2011 at 11:41 […]

  30. There’s no place like home Jarnell especially when the home team has the great tradition that Memphis has. You can win a National Champonship in your own home town, With outstanding facilities, an NBA arena filled 18000 strong avery night plus NBA scouts, a great head coach and coaching staff and new innovative strength coach Memphis will continue to make deep runs in the NCAA Tourney.

  31. There’s no place like home Jarnell especially when the home team has the great basketball tradition Memphis has, Come be a part of another Top 5 class in 2012. With great facilities, an NBA arena filled with 18000 every night including NBA scouts, a great head coach and coaching staff with NBA connections, plus a new innovative strength coach Memphis will continue to make deep runs in the NCAA Tournament for years to come,

  32. Wonder if Anderson preached family to the missouri players he abandoned…. Just sayin…

  33. Well, I guess I will be the first to chime in for THE University of Tennessee. All I can say for this university is this. You will be a hero if you come here. A HERO. TBA would be STOKED, and we will have the shirts to prove it!

  34. Bring your game to the center of college basketball & be as a rock star at UK! Come join Big Blue Nation

  35. Jarnell come join the Big Blue Nation family. Come feel,share and live the love at UK, if you decide one and done or stay longer and that i wish you would, either way it will be family for life and a home to always come back too!!!

  36. Come to the University of Memphis! Like you said, you have a great shot at winning and a future in the NBA regardless of which school you choose. But if you win at Memphis, you will be a LEGEND in YOUR city forever!!!

  37. WPS, nuff said

  38. Jarnell we need you in Gainesville. After patric young we have no great big men so you are gonna be starting right away with probably the deepest and most talented backcourt feeding you the rock. You’ll get to play in the SEC and be coached by the best coach in the conference who actually is a good guy unlike calipari. We have proven that we know what it takes to win championships with our back to back titles in 06 and 07 and so come and help us win our 3rd in less than 10 years. Also Florida ain’t only a football school so don’t let that stereotype get you, the O-dome is rocking every night and is always packed with the rowdy reptiles going crazy! We’d love to have you down in the sunshine state where the weather is wonderful. Remember, it’s great to be a Florida gator.

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