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Jakarr Sampson

Name: Jakarr Sampson

Overall Rank: #44

Position (Rank): Small Forward (#12)

College: St. John’s

High School: Brewster Academy (New Hampshire)

Height: 6’7

Weight: 200

Evaluation: Sampson is a very athletic forward who has good upside and versatility. He is able to get to the rim consistently due to his athleticism and quickness and finishes well around the rim. Although he is not a great shooter from beyond the arc, he does have a good mid-range jumper and has good form at the free throw line which gets him a lot of points since he always draws contact when he gets to the bucket. His defense is also very good and can guard multiple positions, again, due to his athleticism and versatility. The biggest needs for improvement for Sampson is his shooting and ball-handling which will take his game, especially on the offensive end, to the next level.

Notes: Committed to St. John’s in September, 2010

Awards: All-American Championship Participant, iS8/Nike Spring Classic First Team

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One comment on “Jakarr Sampson

  1. […] out with [class of 2013 center] Nerlens Noel. I’m trying to get [class of 2012 small forward] Jakarr Sampson on board and a couple more I haven’t named. I just tell them about the Providence atmosphere and […]

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