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Jabari Brown

Name: Jabari Brown

Overall Rank: #19

Position (Rank): Shooting Guard (#5)

College: Oregon

High School: Oakland (California)

Height: 6’3

Weight: 200

Evaluation: Brown is a very good shooter who can post up smaller defenders and finish through contact. He has very good range out to beyond the arc and can get on hot streaks which are deadly to opponents. He is also a good athlete, has a good mid-range game and is simply an overall good scorer. One area Brown can certainly improve on is his rebounding, especially considering his size. He also needs to improve on consistently shutting his opponent down when he’s on defense. Brown is simply a great shooting guard who can become a really good player if he improves his defense.

Notes: Committed to Oregon in October, 2010

Awards: 2011 Jordan Brand Classic Participant

Stats: Senior year– 23.8 ppg, 4.1 rpg and 1.8 apg

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