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Isaiah Lewis

Thanks to class of 2013 shooting guard Isaiah Lewis for doing the interview with us. Lewis is hearing from the likes of Kentucky, Duke and Kansas and is one of the top rising juniors in the country. He is a 6’3, 170-pound guard who talked to us about his passion for dancing and which schools he grew up liking.

What is your list of schools?

Kentucky, UConn, Arizona, Florida, Florida State, Duke, U.C.L.A., Washington, Rutgers, St. John’s, Miami, Oklahoma State.

What separates those schools from all of the others ones that have recruited you?

Right now, I basically go off of who I talk to the most and right now I talk to Duke a lot. I talk to Kentucky a lot [too] and I really like Kentucky a lot. I also talk to Florida.

Which school called you first?

The first school I talked to was Florida, St. John’s also called me and I talked to [Florida head coach] Billy Donovan later that day. There were other schools that called me that I still need to call back.

Does that mean something to you that they called first?

Definitely, coach Donovan is real cool and he keeps it straight forward. He just told me that I fit his style and he loves the way I play. He was also telling me the other guards that he’s recruiting like a couple of in-state guys like [class of 2013 point guard] Kasey Hill and players like that so I like that about him because he’s telling me who else he’s recruiting, how I can help him and how he can help me get to the next level.

What other schools did you talk to on the first day?

I talked to Florida, Miami, Georgia Tech, Temple, Villanova, Seton Hall, Oregon, U.C.L.A., North Carolina, UConn, Oklahoma State, Rutgers and I missed eight other calls like Duke who I need to call back.

Did any of those conversations stand out?

Definitely, when I talked to West Virginia [head] coach [Bob] Huggins was speaking to me on the phone and that was big. Coach Huggins actually came to see me at the City of Palms and he really expressed a lot of interest and he told me he really liked me. I never even knew he came to watch me but he told me he came and saw me play and that was real big for me that a legendary coach like coach Huggins offered me.

What are you looking for in a school?

Academics, I want to be at a school that I can have the keys to the gym immediately so I can work out everyday. I just want to get ready for the next level. I want to build my character at whatever school I go to and like I said, great academics.

What school do you see yourself fitting in well at? What type of system do you want to play in?

I want to play up and down, I fit the Kentucky style, I like Arizona and the way they play and Florida and the way they play. I really like Florida State because of their pick-and-roll offense because that really gets you ready for the NBA. I like U.C.L.A. a little bit and West Virginia too.

Will where other class of 2013 prospects commit affect your recruitment?

It depends, for a school like Florida for them to be recruiting Kasey Hill and me it’s easier because he’s a pass-first guard. If there’s a guy that plays the same way I do I won’t commit their but if the guy is pass-first it won’t matter.

Did you have a favorite school growing up?

Yeah a school that isn’t really recruiting me but I really like a lot is Syracuse. That was my dream school at one point but they aren’t really recruiting me. I also grew up watching Florida and Kentucky, UConn, the Duke and North Carolina rivalry.

Does liking Syracuse and watching some of the other schools you mentioned affect you recruitment?

Oh yeah, if Syracuse started recruiting me today I would have to talk with my Father and we would have to do some re-thinking because I’ve liked them all my life, even before the Carmelo [Anthony] era.

Who is recruiting you the hardest?

It’s a tie between Kentucky, Miami, Florida and Rutgers. Even though Rutgers is local they call my high school coach everyday and they call me but I also speak to [Kentucky assistant] coach Orlando [Antigua] a lot.

Have you taken any visits yet?

No, I’m not going to try to take any visits until August to get all of the camps and July period over with.

Who do you want to visit?

I definitely want to go to Kentucky, I definitely want to go to Arizona, I want to go to UConn, I want to go see Ohio State. Ohio State isn’t really recruiting me but they check up on me a little bit. Miami and Florida too.

It seems like you’ve been mentioning Kentucky a lot and that you really like them, would you say Kentucky is your favorite school?

I would say right now they are one of the favorites with Florida and Miami too so I don’t really want to say Kentucky is my favorite.

What’s been the coolest moment of your recruitment?

Honestly, just having coaches coming to see me like legendary coaches like Kansas head coach Bill Self asking me how I’m doing and [Kentucky head] Coach [John] Calipari and having their assistants come watch me and showing interest.

Who has helped you the most in the recruiting process?

I’d have to say my father, my mom because I mostly talk to them about it almost everyday about any new schools coming in and any old schools, I really talk to them a lot.

Which coaching staff do you have the best relationship with?

Right now, I’d have to say coach Donovan because they really call my parents a lot. I also talk to Kansas a lot and they’ve been expressing a lot of interest.

Have any of the coaching changes this off-season affected your recruitment at all?

Yeah, I was actually getting recruited by N.C. State and Georgia Tech but once [North Carolina State head coach Sidney] Lowe and [Georgia Tech head] coach [Paul] Hewitt left it really affected me. I have family in Georgia and I was really looking into Georgia Tech and I had a special relationship with coach Hewitt but without him there I don’t really see myself going there.

Are there any class of 2013 players that you want to play with in college?

Yeah, Brannen Greene from Georgia, I talk to him a lot, [small forward] Troy Williams who plays with Boo Williams.

What is your favorite basketball memory?

This year when I did well at the City of Palms, I feel like that really put me on the map. Obviously with guys like [class of 2011 shooting guard] Austin Rivers and [class of 2011 small forward] Adonis Thomas playing in it make all-tournament first-team was big for me in terms of putting my name out there nationally.

What’s one thing people probably don’t know about you?

One thing people probably don’t know about me is I’m a dancer, I like to dance. I used to do a lot of dancing but I don’t really tell people and coaches that.

What type of dancing do you do?

In New York we call it “getting light,” that’s the New York term for it. I like to do the Dougie, everyone likes to do that, John Wall put that out when he was at Kentucky.

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