Nerlens Noel

Nerlens Noel is a center who attends The Tilton School (New Hampshire) and plays for BABC in the AAU circuit. He stands at 6’10” and weighs 210 pounds and will be one of our top class of 2013 prospects to watch. He talked to us about which schools he likes, who he’s been talking to, his favorite and least favorite part of the recruiting process and much more so make sure you check out our interview transcript with him Monday.

How is your recruitment going? Who has been in contact with you?

My recruitment has been going really good… I haven’t gotten fully into it yet since I can’t talk on the phone with coaches but it’s gone well… A lot of schools from the Big East, ACC, SEC, and certain colleges from other conferences have been contacting me.

What are you looking for in your potential college?

I’m looking for a good program with a good, loyal and honest coaching staff that can develop a player like myself to play at the next level in the pros.

What’s the most important thing that you’re looking for in a school that isn’t basketball related?

Just a place that I can go where they have a good community and fans where I can just be apart of the family and what they’re looking to build.

When do you plan on taking some visits?

I’m going to evaluate my recruitment this summer, and will wait to visit schools until they contact me and talk to me personally so I know they really want me. Kentucky has been at my school and I’ve talked to Georgetown. I’ve also talked to my boy Ricky Ledo about schools he’s visited

What has your favorite and least favorite part of the recruiting process been?

I don’t really have a down on my recruiting process… its been all good so far. I’m just enjoying going out there and playing and performing in front of all of these great coaches.

Which colleges or coaches do you have the best relationship with?

I really don’t have a relationship with any college coach yet; probably because I haven’t reached the point where I could talk on the phone with them and see what they’re really like.

Do you have any favorite schools right now?

No, I don’t have any favorite yet. I don’t even have a list right now.

So the rumors about certain schools like Kentucky being at the top of your list aren’t true?

Not at all, like I said before, I don’t even have a list yet. I’ll start figuring it out around the end of summer.

What type of system do you want to play in at the next level? How do you see yourself fitting in?

I don’t really have specific playing style but whatever the coach plays like I’m sure I’ll be able to adjust, as long as I fit in on the defensive end.

How has all these coaching changes affected your recruitment?

They haven’t really affected me that much at all.

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