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Isaiah Austin

Thanks to #2 overall class of 2012 prospect Isaiah Austin for doing the interview with us. Austin is a Baylor-commit out of Grace Preparatory Academy (TX) and stands at 7’0”, 200 pounds. He talked to us about why he chose Baylor, who he looks forward to playing with and much more.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of being recruited?

My favorite part of being recruited was being able to sit down and talk with all these great college coaches. The part I didnt like was being called everyday.

Why did you choose to commit to Baylor? What about them attracted you to the program?

Its a great program… the school has great academics and the coaches are great since they always check up on me whenever they can. They arent just worried about me as a basketball player but they care about the type of man I am too. It was also close to home and I always promised my mom she would be able to watch me play for as long as I played.

Why did you choose to commit so early?

I just felt that it was the right time for me. I had been talking it over with my parents and high school coach for a while and just decided I wanted to make it official.

Who has helped you the most in basketball?

The person that has helped me the most in basketball would have to be my mom.

What has playing basketball taught you?

It taught me how to be respectful and not to take anything for granited.

Why do you play basketball?

I play basketball because one day I want to support my family and give back to the game what it has given to me which is happiness.

What do you think you need to improve upon.

My strength… I need to get stronger, no doubt about it. I lift five times a week with my trainer.

What is your favorite memory from playing basketball?

My favorite moment was winning the state championship this year with my team.

What’s your favorite thing about basketball?

My favorite thing would have to be competing to win, I’m very competitive and I love challenges.

Who do you look forward to playing with in two years at Baylor?

I would say Quincy Miller and Duece Bello… they are great players and I can only imagine what the three of us can do on one court on the same team.

*We post our interviews with the top prospects every Monday so look every week to check them out.

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