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Daniel Ochefu

Thanks to #21 overall prospect Daniel Ochefu for doing the interview with us. Ochefu is a center out of Westtown, Pennsylvania who goes to Westtown School and stands at 6’9”, 225.

What’s your favorite and least favorite part of being recruited?

My favorite part is just experiencing the whole process really. My least favorite is just waiting for the day you commit, whether its a set day or the right choice just hits you.

What are you looking for in your potential college?

A coach that I think I can have a good relationship with, a system that I think I fit into nicely, a good academic system, and a good atmosphere on campus outside of basketball.

Who is on your list and do you have a favorite?

Texas, Georgetown, Villanova, and Temple..no favorites at this point. I visited Georgetown and ‘Nova two weeks ago and visited Temple on friday and Texas this week. (*Note: Ochefu separately said he plans on committing some time in March) 

How has playing basketball helped you off the court and in life?

Helping my teammates on the court in practice and games translates to helping people off the court.

Who has helped you the most in basketball?

My parents, coaches Seth Berger, Steve Tullners, Jamal English, Chris McMonagalle and (friend) Da’vion Louis.

Who do you model your game after?

Hakeem Olajuwon.

What’s your favorite memory of basketball?

My favorite basketball memory so far would probably be when my 10u AAU team, Maryland Madness, won the national classic in Florida and were 13th in the nation.

What do you need to improve on and what are you doing to get better?

I think I need to improve on my post moves and being more explosives. I’m in the gym everyday working on my post moves trying to become a more dominant player around the basket.

Do you have any funny or interesting recruitment stories?

There is a school that spells my last name as Echefu on everything they send me (correct spelling is ochefu).

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