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Brandon Ashley

Thanks to #4 overall prospect Brandon Ashley for doing the interview with us. Here’s a little background information on Ashley: he goes to Bishop O’Dowd High School out of California and stands at 6’8”, 210 pounds.

What is your favorite and least-favorite part of being recruited?

[My] favorite part would probably be the attention. I have had plenty of memorable letters that all have their own unique twist to them. The least favorite part of it is being asked where I want to go by everyone and all the people trying to always get a hold of me.

What schools are on your list right now and do you have any favorites?

I honestly don’t even really have a list right now, at the moment I am still pretty open to any and everybody but I should have a list within the next month or so.

What are you looking for in prospective colleges?

I am looking for a talented team, great academics, and a great coaching staff. I also want to be able to step right in and impact my team immediately.

Who has helped you the most in basketball?

There are two people that have had the biggest impact in my career. First would be my mom, she used to play and she knows a lot about the game. She takes me to all of my games and practices and has never once complained about it. She has supported me through it all. And second would be my coach Mark Olivier. He has been a huge part of my career thus far. He has had my back since day one as well.

What has basketball taught you off the court and in life?

Basketball has made me a better person. The two most important things it has taught me are discipline and patience.

Why do you play basketball?

I play basketball because it has made me who I am. It is my escape from everyday life. I just love the game.

What do you think you need to improve upon and what are you doing to get better at it?

There isn’t a single part of my game that has been perfected. I am in the gym and weight room and gym just about everyday working on different aspects of my game.

What’s your favorite memory in basketball?

[My] Favorite memory is hitting a buzzer beater back in 6th grade to when a championship.

What’s your favorite thing about basketball?

My favorite thing about hoop is the game itself. The competitive aspect of it and where this game has taken me.

Thanks to Brandon Ashley for doing the interview, we have more interviews lined up and post them every Monday so keep checking up to see what the top prospects are saying.

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