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The Capital Classic

Prince Okoroh on winning the MVP award: “It feels great, to come out with a lot of great players and play with them all, it was a great honor. My favorite part was just doing what we do best, the dunks, the crossovers, and getting the crowd pumped up.”

Brandon Hedley on playing in The Capital Classic and winning: “It was fun, it was my last high school game and it was fun. I knew a lot of these players so I knew how everyone played and it helped a lot.”

John Schoof on playing in The Capital Classic and winning: “It was great and it was fun, we’re all friends so it was a lot of fun. We played together like a team and we played good defense. We all have played together so that chemistry definitely helped a lot.”

Enerio Jones on playing in The Capital Classic and winning: “It was cool, it was fun, I knew most of these guys before today so it wasn’t new to me. It felt really good to win.”

Desmond Hubert on why he chose committed to UNC and playing in The Capital Classic: “When I was making my decision I took basketball out of the equation and I thought which school would I feel more comfortable at if I wasn’t playing basketball and it was North Carolina. I just wanted to get it done with. I had a good idea of what was what. I wanted to make my decision before this game so I could just have fun and play. It was a good experience, it was a lot of fun. We all knew what each other did so we knew what we could all do.”

Jabarie Hinds on winning the MVP award and the game: “It feels great, it is a great honor. Overall the team played great and it was a good win. Everyone on the court is very good and it was very competitive but we played together as a team and came out with a win. They don’t really have any good and it felt like the right place for me.”

Trevor Cooney on playing in the capital classic: “It was a great experience, just to get invited to play in it and get associated with it was awesome. The guys on my team really bonded and made it even better.”

Tyrone Johnson on playing in ESPN RISE NHSI, The Capital Classic and what he’s looking forward to at Villanova: “It was great, it is the best tournament I’ve ever played in. I was blessed to play on ESPN for three straight nights when most guys don’t even do it once. Getting the victory was awesome and to end my career winning the National Championship on TV was great. This was awesome too. For me to play in this game was a blessing to me. I just look forward to going in and working hard and getting better every day.”

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