Indiana Class of 2012 Team Profile


You can’t ask for much more out of a recruiting class than what Indiana head coach Tom Crean is bringing in in this senior class. Not only did Crean get depth and a prospect at every position, but he also reeled in two top-50 prospects and three top-75 prospects. This whole class is full of length and athleticism and loves to get out in transition. Point guard Yogi Ferrell (#21) is the second best floor general in the class behind Kyle Anderson (#5 — UCLA) and small forward Jeremy Hollowell (#50) and power forward Hanner Perea (#73) both have great upside. Crean has established that he’s a great recruiter and that he’s here to stay.

Get to know the recruits

Kevin Ferrell | Overall: #21 | Position: Point Guard (#2) | 5’11 | 165

Ferrell is the top point guard in the class of 2012 behind Kyle Anderson (#5 — UCLA). He has great quickness and does a great job of getting into the lane. Between his unbelievably quick first step and explosiveness, it’s tough for defenders to stay in front of him. Once he gets into the lane, he either utilizes his excellent mid-range game or makes nice passes to pick up the assist. Ferrell also has good ball-handling skills and is able to knock down the perimeter jumper. However, he can improve on his decision-making skills as well as his strength.

Jeremy Hollowell | Overall: #50 | Position: SF (#12) | 6’7 | 190

Hollowell is a kid with a high skill level, although he doesn’t consistently play up to the way he’s capable and of what he has shown in the past time and time again that he can do. He’s a good shooter and an all-around scorer who can fill up the basket in a short amount of time. Hollowell is also able to get into the lane and has good size at the small forward position. However, in addition to his consistency, another thing he can improve on is his aggressiveness since it would help his game and increase his productivity.

Hanner Perea | Overall: #73 | Position: Power Forward (#16) | 6’8 | 215

Perea could very easily be a top-50 prospect or even a top-30 prospect, but his lack of development has disappointed me. He’s an incredible athlete, a terrific rebounder and great in transition, but he’s still very raw on the offensive end accumulating most of his points off of put-backs and tip-ins. He has a high ceiling and outstanding upside but he needs to increase his rate of improvement. He could develop into a very good player for Indiana head coach Tom Crean or end up being just a contributor, it’s all up to him.

Ron Patterson | Overall: NR | Position: Shooting Guard (NR) | 6’2 | 195 

Patterson is a good scorer who can get to the bucket. He has good athleticism and finishes well above the rim. He also is a good rebounder for his position and makes an impact in a variety of ways. However, he needs to develop more consistency on his three-point shot in addition to improving on the defensive end.

Peter Jurkin | Overall: NR | Position: Center (NR) | 7’0 | 220

Jurkin is a long, athletic center who is mobile and runs the floor well. Like most big men, he’s best on the defensive end where he’s a terrific shot-blocker and solid rebounder. He has a capable face-up game and a good motor. However, he needs to develop a better offensive skill set, particularly in the area of interior scoring. Jurkin needs to get stronger too.

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