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Quick Analysis

Nnanna Egwu


C (NR)

Egwu is a great athlete who loves to run up and down the court. He is also a great shot-blocker and good rebounder and has a lot of potential. He has shown a variety of interior scoring moves as well.

Tracy Abrams



Abrams is versatile on offense because of his ability to drive, shoot and scoring in transition and in half-court situations. He has very good body control once he gets into the lane and finishes well around the basket.

Mike Shaw



Shaw has good size and athleticism and is a very good rebounder. He is a talented combo forward that can score both inside and out. He also finishes well above the rim in transition and can be a match-up problem because of his  versatility.

Mycheal Henry



Henry has terrific length and is explosive around the bucket. He excels in transition where he can pass, score and drive and has good size and strength.

Devin Langford



Langford is an intelligent and versatile player who has good size and length. He is a good ball-handler and passer but also slashes to the bucket extremely well.

Ibrahima Djimde


C (NR)

Djimde has great strength and a fantastic motor. He has impressive touch around the basket and can guard both the perimeter and interior because of his lateral quickness and shot-blocking abilities.


Bruce Weber reeled in a very good recruiting class this year and has plenty of size, strength, length and versatility. He got a couple of very good slashers in small forwards Mycheal Henry and Devin Langford who do an excellent of job of getting in the lane, using good body control and finishing around the basket. Weber also got a couple of talented centers in Nnanna Egwu and Ibrahima Djimde who both have great strength and have exhibited a plethora of scoring moves in the low-post. Point guard Tracy Abrams and power forward Mike Shaw are two versatile players as well and will provide a lot of scoring opportunities in transition.


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