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McDonald’s All-American Game

As any other typical all-star game, the 2011 McDonald’s All-American Game was full of three-point shots, dunks, and highlights you will surely see on the ESPN Top Ten Plays of the Week. It also lacked what all other all-star games lack… defense. Here’s some notes from the game and what you missed if you didn’t catch it.


  • James McAdoo’s shooting– He showed his range off with an early three-pointer with a stroke that made him look like a shooting guard. He also made an impressive pull-up jumper over his defender while he was off-balance in the mid-range game.
  • Kyle Wiltjer’s post-play– This power forward who plays on the perimeter a lot made a nice sky hook that is impossible to defend.
  • Khem Birch– Given his eye injury that he suffered earlier in the week he was very impressive by playing great defense and accumulating 15 points, 10 rebounds, and six blocks.

Those who didn’t disappoint

  • Austin Rivers– The #1 players in the country showed why he’s the best player in the class by making an impressive drive to the basket in which he weaved through two defenders and finished with the reverse lay-up.
  • P.J. Hairston– His three-point shooting didn’t disappoint as he made multiple shots beyond the NBA three-point line.
  • Anthony Davis– He showed his versatility by running the floor well and converting multiple transition buckets while blocking shots on the defensive end.
  • Myck Kabongo– He made many passes that were simply outstanding and proved why he’s a top-two point guard. He was the only player looking pass-first when the shot wasn’t there.
  • Michael Gilchrist– He wasn’t overly impressive in any area but he did it all- scoring, rebounding, and defense- en route to earning co-MVP.


Anthony Davis clearly established himself as the #1 player in the class of 2011. He has become a great shot-blocker and has obviously gotten used to playing in the post more with his 6’10′ frame rather than on the perimeter. Look for his full evaluation and for him to take over the top spot in our final class of 2011 rankings when they come out.


Final: East- 111 West- 96, Co-MVP’s- James McAdoo (East) and Michael Gilchrist (West)

One comment on “McDonald’s All-American Game

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