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Deuce Bello

Name: Deuce Bello

Overall Rank: #45

Position (Rank): Shooting Guard (#14)

College: Baylor

High School: Westchester (North Carolina)

Height: 6’4

Weight: 180

Evaluation: Bello is an athletic guard who is explosive in getting to the basket. He has a great mid-range game although his excellent range on his perimeter shot is streaky. He also finishes around the basket well and is a very good slasher. A big reason Bello is ranked this high is due to his upside. Between his speed, quickness and athleticism he has the potential to be a shut-down defender and keep his opponent in front of him. He could also improve on his free throw shooting so he can convert on more opportunities from the line. His ball-handling could use some work as well but he has all the physical tools needed to excel, now he just has to develop the other parts of his game.

Notes: Committed to Baylor in October, 2010

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