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Robinson talks recruiting for IU, Peach Jam, LeBron

Thanks to class of 2013 shooting guard Stanford Robinson (Indiana) for doing the interview with us. Robinson talked to us about why he likes Indiana, his expectations for the Hoosiers next year, who he’s recruiting to join him and more. Be sure to join over 2,500 other people and follow him on Twitter.

Why did you commit to Indiana?

I just feel like going to Indiana fits me. I could see myself growing at Indiana and becoming a man over four years. Tom Crean reminds me of my high school coach (Glenn Farello) so it will be another four years of spending time with my high school coach basically. The [Indiana] assistant coach, coach [Kenny] Johnson, was also the head assistant at my high school and he’s the reason I’m at Paul VI right now. We have a close relationship, he also coached me in AAU.

Why did you commit at the time that you did?

You kind of know what you’re looking for, what felt right [and] what didn’t. When it came down to it, my final five was Maryland, Texas, Indiana, Villanova and Rutgers. After the Indiana visit, I felt all of those were great schools but what threw it over the edge was all of the great relationships I have with the [Indiana] coaches.

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

Everybody’s favorite part I guess is the being wanted part — having coaches call you 24/7 or trying to communicate with you telling you how bad they want you. That was my favorite part, is was kind of fun having everyone telling me they wanted me and that I would be a big asset to their team.

What was your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

It goes back to the same thing — getting all of those calls 24/7. After you enjoy it, later on in the process it starts getting annoying with all of those coaches calling. I’m sure they don’t realize it’s not just them calling, it’s 15 others calling as well so that was my least favorite part too.

What do you like about Indiana that isn’t basketball related?

The campus itself. It’s not in the city but it’s by itself and secluded — like a real college town. I like that a lot about Indiana.

So are you trying to recruit anyone to join you?

I’m trying to recruit [class of 2013 star center and Team Takeover teammate] BeeJay Anya and [class of 2013 standout power forward and Paul VI teammate] Kris Jenkins. I just let them know if they want to hang banners, what better way to do than in DMV style? Three DMV players, actually five with [junior shooting guards] Vic[tor Oladipo] and Mo Creek, we can all get a championship and do it as one big family.

What about [class of 2015 point guard] Isaiah Briscoe, he told me you two are related.

Yeah, on our father’s side, my father is actually from New Jersey [where Briscoe lives]. We’re really close, we speak often. I’m trying to recruit him but he’s got some time and I don’t want to pressure him right now or anything.

How well do you think Indiana will do next year?

I think they’re pre-season #1 for a reason. They have a great 2012 recruiting class and Vic, [senior power forward] Christian Watford, [senior point guard] Jordan Hulls, [class of 2012 point guard] Yogi Ferrell (#21) and a lot of great players. They’re just a lot of great players who want to work hard and reach the same goal. Once you all have the same goal, it’s just a matter of going out there and playing for each other.

What are your goals for your time at Indiana?

I just have one goal really and that’s just to win banners.

Do you look forward to playing with anyone in particular at Indiana?

If Vic is still at Indiana, it would be fun to play with him because when I was growing up, I always looked up to him as a role model and I tried to get my game like his. I tried to resemble it a lot so it would be fun playing with him if I get the chance to.

What has been the coolest part of the recruiting process for you?

Knowing that whatever school you’re going to, you’re going for free. Once you commit and sign those papers — a lot of people can’t go to college for free. Since you’re a basketball player, you have a scholarship and you’re set to go to college for free. All you have to do is work hard.

Talk some about the Nike Skills U last weekend and Peach Jam now.

The Nike Skills U was pretty good, I learned a lot. It was a nice experience. There was great competition but I got the most out of it because I learned how to be more effective in the pick-and-roll. With the Peach Jam, we just want to win it all. I don’t see why we can’t. I feel like every team is equally strong.

What was your favorite event you’ve been to this summer?

I’d say the LeBron [James] Skills Academy. It was a dream camp I’ve wanted to go to and to get to do that was a great opportunity. It just told me hard work really does pay off and being there showed me everyday I have the chance to grow and if I don’t someone else is getting better and I’m not.

What was your impression of LeBron?

I was never really a LeBron fan, but just hanging out and meeting him he’s really cool and down to earth. I mean, I don’t hate him, but he’s really cool. I expected him to be more cocky but he was just really cool and if you never knew him you wouldn’t know he played basketball, that’s how cool he is.

What’s your favorite basketball memory?

My favorite basketball memory is winning our conference championship this past season. It’s a great memory because our starting five has been playing together for three years and we all just worked so hard. Our high school wasn’t even considered in the top five in the conference and just to be #1 in the area now is something I’ll always remember.

So I know you were thinking about transferring high schools, what’s the status on that?

I’m actually staying now. The reason I was going to transfer is because I wanted to play a bigger national schedule but this year my high school coach got us a bigger schedule and we’re playing at City of Palms, the Hall of Fame and some more tournaments so we’ll be playing against [class of 2013 power forwards] Julius Randle and Jordan Mickey and other higher level players.

What’s one thing people probably don’t know about you?

With [Team] Takeover, we have this thing we always saw: feathery. It’s just like the highest good — we just say we’re apart of team feathery and to keep everything feathery. Like if you’re wearing cool shoes you’ll say it’s feathery, or if a girl looks good she’s feathery [laughing].

How did that get started?

It got started by a bunch of us playing around in the hotel and our coach, he had said feathery and we were like what does that mean? He was just like, I don’t know, I just said it [laughing]. So we just came up with it as meaning the greater type of good.

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