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Davon’s Diary: Discussing his final eight, Top 100 High School Camp

Class of 2013 shooting guard Davon Reed is one of the highest rated players in the country and is being chased by some of the top programs in all of college basketball including Connecticut and Louisville. He has agreed to give NRS exclusive access to his life and recruitment in his player blog and will discuss important developments regarding his recruitment in these entries.


By: Davon Reed | @ClutchReed_25

Hey, this is Davon Reed from Team Final (PA) and this is my player blog! I just got back from the [NBPA] Top 100 [High School Camp] a few days ago and dropped some recruiting news recently. But before I talk about recruiting, I want to talk about my experience at the NBA camp.

I felt it was a good camp; I learned a lot of things and had a great time. I feel like I just played my game but I didn’t get to show everything I can offer. Other than that, I played really hard and did everything I was supposed to do. It’s really unique because I’ve never been to a camp where there were so many skill stations and lectures that were really educational for us. Chris Herren, the former NBA player who was on 30 for 30 because of his drug addiction, was at the camp to speak to us. It was a deep story and it truly touched me. To see it on TV and to hear it in person are two completely different thing.

Recently, I cut my final eight down to Louisville, UConn, Cincinnati, Xavier, Wake Forest, Miami (FL), Harvard and Memphis. I’ve built a pretty good relationship with each of those coaching staffs and they’ve all been pretty successful programs. I feel like I’d be successful in developing my game at each program and each school can give me a very good education.

With Louisville, they were in the Final Four last year, they have [head] coach [RickPitino and the name speaks for itself. They’ve had a lot of success in that program and I’ve built a pretty good relationship with coach Pitino and assistant coach [KareemRichardson.

UConn is another school where the name speaks for itself. They’re going through a little bit of a hard time right now with the NCAA but I still have grown a great relationship with the coaching staff and I think I’d be able to come in and impact the program heavily.

Cincinnati, last year, they had a pretty good run and they’re one of the better programs in the Big East. I like [head] coach [MickCronin and [assistant] coach [DarrenSavino and have built a great relationship with that staff. I like the way they play offensively — they’re not afraid to take shots and I really like that.

Xavier, they probably don’t get as much recognition as they probably should since they’re in a mid-major conference but they’re definitely a high-major team. They make the Sweet Sixteen almost every year so I feel like if I were to go there I’d be able to take them to the next step and I’ve grown a good relationship with that coaching staff.

Wake Forest, they’re having a tough time right now since they’re in the re-building process but they’re a great school academically. They’re in the ACC and I feel like I could step in and make an immediate impact.

Memphis, they’ve been a great program over the years. I really like that they’re moving to the Big East and I’m still learning more about their program and I’m trying to create more chemistry with that coaching staff.

I really like Miami (FL), they’re another ACC school. I feel like I could step in and make an immediate impact.

Harvard, they’re on the rise right now and I’ve built a great relationship with that staff and [head] coach [TommyAmaker. Even though they’re an Ivy League school, they’re definitely one of the high-major programs. With making the NCAA Tournament this year, I think they showed a lot of people what they’re program is about.

When I make my decision, I’ll be looking for a school that has a great education — a school that’s the best fit for me in that aspect. I want to impact my team as soon as possible when I step on campus; I’m definitely looking to compete for a National Championship and I want to take my game to the next level.

I think all of my schools I listed have most of those things although some are more prestigious than others in the category of national contender. I think I would be able to contribute to the success of the team at any of those eight schools. When I go to college, I want to play for a team that puts up a lot of points but also plays great defense. I want to go to a school where I can definitely show my offensive ability as well as my defensive ability.

Right now, the coaches I have the best relationships with are the coaches at Miami, Xavier, Harvard and recently Louisville. They’ve really been connecting with me and I like how honest the coaches have been. Louisville and UConn haven’t offered yet but the head coaches haven’t seen me play yet, that’s the only reason why.

I’ve been getting a lot of texts and calls since they changed the rules [to allow unlimited texts and calls to players who have completed their sophomore year of high school] but it has definitely been manageable. I’ve been receiving a boat load of them but it’s nothing I can’t handle. It’s usually two texts or calls from each school — the head coach and the assistant coach.

I think the rule could be a good thing and a bad thing but right now it’s good. You don’t always to be on the phone all the time so text conversations are a little bit better. It could be potentially bad too since coaches could get carried away with it by texting players way too much.

So far, out of my eight schools, I’ve visited Wake Forest and Harvard. I had a better visit to Harvard — not to say my visit to Wake Forest wasn’t good — because I spent a whole weekend as opposed to a day at the school. I’m trying to figure out schools I’m going to take unofficial [visits] to but it’s kind of hard because of camps and the AAU circuit. I haven’t decided whether I’ll visit Harvard or Wake Forest again since I’ve already visited before. I really don’t know if I’m going to cut my list down again but I think I want to commit in the fall.

I have a bunch of stuff going on the rest of the summer and I go to the Kevin Durant Skills Academy this Sunday in Chicago. I’m just looking to go out there, play hard and improve my game. I just want to show everybody everything I have and try to absorb everything I can and learn as much as possible.

I’ve also been watching the NBA Finals and think the Heat have been responding really well. The Thunder have given a great effort but I just think it’s Miami’s time. I don’t think they’ll be able to close out the series next game; I think OKC will win the next one and then Miami will end the series in six [games].

I just want to say thanks to everybody for tuning in and keep an eye out for the next blog. I’ll answer a couple of questions next time I do a blog here so leave me a good question in the box below!


Thanks again to Davon Reed for giving us an inside look at his life and recruitment. If you would like Davon to talk about anything specific, you can send an e-mail to National Recruiting Spotlight at joshpaunil@gmail.com with your tips and suggestions. Don’t forget to follow both Davon (ClutchReed_25) and Josh (@JoshPaunilNRS) on Twitter.

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