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NBPA Top 100 High School Camp recap, awards

The NBPA Top 100 High School Camp is one of the best, if not the best events of the summer. It features a plethora of top talents and boasts the best prospects from all around the country. Here, we give you our evaluations of 25 campers and hand out the NRS awards. *Clarification: These teams weren’t selected by the camp, these are NRS’s own hand-selected teams based on the performances of all the campers we saw.

All-Stars (First Team)

Guard: Anthony Barber | Class of 2013 | Point Guard | 6’2 | 165

The Virginia floor general may have not only been the best guard in the whole camp, but he may have also been the best player in the entire camp as well. Barber was lightning quick, got into the lane at will and finished beautifully around the bucket. He displayed great ball-handling skills and excellent passing ability as well as a smooth mid-range jumper. He had a smooth stroke from the perimeter and showed good range beyond the arc as well. He did an outstanding job of getting his teammates the ball exactly where and when they needed it too and set up scoring opportunities for both himself and his teammates. Barber led the camp in scoring with over 14 points per game and added close to three assists per contest.

Guard: Andrew Harrison | Class of 2013 | Point Guard | 6’5 | 210

The Texas floor general was far and away the assists leader of the camp with close to five a game (4.8). He also averaged double figures in points (10.2) and played great defense. He was terrific in every phase of the game (except for perimeter shooting) and rebounded well. Harrison was also able to consistently penetrate and get in the lane too and was very strong with the ball. He displayed good quickness and was also very active on the defensive end. Harrison was able to finish with both hands around the rim as well and is a good ball-handler going either way. He’s the full package at the point guard position and could have scored even more if his shot was falling from the three-point line.

Forward: Brannen Greene | Class of 2013 | Small Forward | 6’7 | 180 | Kansas

The Georgia native was one of the top scorers in the camp, averaging close to 12 points a game and added over four rebounds a contest. However, his stat line doesn’t do his performance justice since he’s a guy who doesn’t force the shot when it isn’t there and is selfless. Although he’s known as a terrific shooter from the perimeter, Greene is more than capable of putting the ball on the floor to score off the dribble too. He is good in the mid-range game as well and uses his size well in the lane. Greene is simply very productive on the offensive end and makes tough shots. He did a good job of rebounding too and utilized his size and length well on defense. He limited his opponents when they were on offense and played with a good motor.

Forward: Kuran Iverson | Class of 2013 | Small Forward | 6’9 | 210

The Connecticut native, a cousin of former NBA superstar Allen Iverson, was the breakout performer of the camp. Iverson, someone who used to be highly heralded in the class of 2013, sought to re-gain his reputation as one of the top players in his class and certainly helped his case with the performance he turned in. Iverson is a spectacular athlete who excels in transition and is a great finisher above the rim. He’s a scorer who gets into the lane although he can also knock down the perimeter shot with consistency. Iverson has some nice moves around the bucket too and is able to create separation from his defender.

Center: Cliff Alexander | Class of 2014 | Center | 6’9 | 240

The Chicago native was the best prospect among all centers by far regardless of class. He’s very strong in everything he does in the interior and is a terrific finisher, particularly through contact. He did a great job of crashing the boards on both ends of the court and is a terror when he runs the court and gets the ball with a path to the basket. Alexander is a powerful force in the paint and played with a good motor. He’s an intimidator inside too and is a good shot-blocker. He’s great in pick-and-roll situations as well and has terrific size and strength. Alexander has a high ceiling and was one of the best rebounders throughout the camp averaging close to seven a game.

All-Stars (Second Team)

Guard: Parker Jackson-Cartwright | Class of 2014 | Point Guard | 5’8 | 140

The tiny floor general out of California proved to be one of the best point guards in the country no matter of class. Jackson-Cartwright is a very good passer who is extremely quick and has outstanding ball-handling skills. He’s consistently able to get into the lane and has excellent court vision. He also has a smooth shot and is good in both the mid-range game and from beyond the arc. Jackson-Cartwright is smooth in everything he does too and makes an impact on the defensive end. He uses his quick hands to disrupt his opponent’s passing lanes and stole more than a couple of passes. He averaged nearly eight points, three assists and two rebounds a game throughout the three days of the camp.

Guard: Nigel Williams-Goss | Class of 2013 | Point Guard | 6’3 | 180 | Washington

The Findlay Prep product was the most consistent player throughout the three days of camp. Williams-Goss did a great job of pushing the tempo and controlling the pace of the game and was outstanding in running his team. He has an extremely high basketball-IQ and is a good decision-maker. He got into the lane at will too and displayed very good court vision. Williams-Goss showed the ability to hit the three with time and space as well and wasn’t afraid to stick his nose in the paint. However, the most impressive part of his game was his effort and hustle. The only thing he could have improved on was finishing in the lane better but he played through an injury that impacted his shooting hand.

Forward: Noah Vonleh | Class of 2014 | Power Forward | 6’8 | 220

Vonleh was one of the best big men in the entire camp and was near the top of the leader board in points with over 12 per game. Vonleh also recorded close to seven rebounds per contest and displayed outstanding versatility. He did an excellent job of running the court and was a dangerous threat in transition. Vonleh crashed the offensive glass on a consistent basis too and finished well above the rim. He’s a long athlete with a smooth stroke that extends out to the three-point arc as well and is productive in the mid-range game. However, Vonleh did stray out on the perimeter too much and he could improve on his post-game.

Forward: Zena Edosomwan | Class of 2013 | Power Forward | 6’9 | 225 | Harvard

The Californian was another guy who was a borderline first-team NRS all-star. The more I see Edosomwan play, the more I can’t help but thinking he was an absolute steal for Harvard. He played like a top-50 prospect the entire camp and was a terrific leader on his team. He displayed a nice hook shot over both shoulders on both sides of the basket and was a stronger finisher. He displayed some nice turn-around jumpers inside of ten feet as well and utilized the pump fake beautifully. He did a tremendous job of rebounding and boxing out and did a good job of finishing above the rim. However, the most impressive thing about him is his intangibles. In addition to his aforementioned leadership skills, he displayed great effort and hustle and is a smart player.

Center: Kennedy Meeks | Class of 2013 | Center | 6’9 | 275

The Charlotte native is a huge body in the paint and does a great job of carving out space in the lane. In addition to his ability inside, he displayed the skill to step out to the perimeter and knock down three-pointers with a smooth stroke on a consistent basis. Meeks was one of the top rebounders throughout the camp with over seven per game in addition to over eight points a contest. He has incredibly soft hands too and impressive touch around the basket. He’s a terrific outlet passer as well and does a good job of passing out of the post. Meeks is a skilled big man who has a few different interior scoring moves and looked to be very coachable.

All-Stars (Third Team)

Guard: Anton Gill | Class of 2013 | Shooting Guard | 6’3 | 185 | Louisville

Gill was very consistent every time NRS saw him each day of the camp. Although he did a variety of things well, what I loved most about his game was his skill in finishing once he got in the lane and inside of 15 feet. He displayed the best floater of anyone in the camp and was a masterful operator around the bucket. He was very good in the mid-range game by knocking down 15-footers from all over the court and showed a good stroke. Gill was able to finish with both hands too and attacked the offensive glass. He was good on the defensive end as well and shot with impressive range from the perimeter. However, my favorite part of his game was the intelligence he played with and the high basketball-IQ he constantly showed. Louisville fans should be excited for Gill.

Guard: Deonte Burton | Class of 2013 | Shooting Guard | 6’4 | 228 | Marquette

The Marquette commit is a smooth lefty who is a good athlete that excels in transition and finishes well above the rim. Like class of 2013 shooting guard Anton Gill (Louisville), he’s very good in the mid-range game. He’s a smart player who attacks the offensive glass and did a terrific job of creating his own shot. Burton impacts the game in so many ways and is even a shot-blocker. He’s great inside of ten feet too and always scores when he gets into the lane. Marquette got a good one in Burton and is a guy who will really help them. Burton is very good in transition as well and can be tough to score on when he’s defending you because of his physical tools (physicality, athleticism, toughness, etc.).

Forward: Kavon Looney | Class of 2014 | Power Forward | 6’7 | 185

The Milwaukee native is very versatile. Looney, who averaged close to nine points, seven rebounds and one assist per game, has had a great spring and early summer and plays end to end. He works the baseline well on the offensive end, attacks the offensive glass and can help your team in a plethora of different ways. Looney is a great scorer as well and runs the court very well. He showed impressive maturity out on the court too and turned in one of the best performances of all class of 2014 prospects. If Looney continues his impressive play the rest of the summer, he’ll have a big climb up the recruiting rankings and will pass many of his peers.

Forward: Chris McCullough | Class of 2014 | Power Forward | 6’9 | 210

McCullough may have been the NRS MVP of the entire camp. Although he didn’t have the best camp of all the players, he may have been the most important guy on his championship-winning team. Like a few other guys we’ve mentioned, McCullough is very versatile and ran the court effortlessly. He rebounded well on the offensive end, blocked shots on defense and showed his ability to shoot from the perimeter. His athleticism showed too and his hustle was among the best in the camp. He averaged about eight points and five rebounds a game through the three days (remember the camp was incredibly balanced in scoring and rebounding).

Center: Kyle Washington | Class of 2013 | Center | 6’9 | 180

The Minnesota native is a good shot-blocker who uses his hands well on the defensive end. On offense, Washington is able to step out and make the 17-foot jump shot while also displaying a beautiful hook shot and good footwork. He had some of the better fundamentals among the big men in the camp regardless of class and averaged close to eight points and seven rebounds per game.

All-Offensive Team

Guard: Aquille Carr | Class of 2013 | Point Guard | 5’6 | 148 | Seton Hall

The Baltimore native was the most exciting player in the camp to watch. Carr is a very quick and explosive athlete who has outstanding ball-handling skills. He’s great at penetrating and getting into the lane at will and is a good finisher. He also displayed impressive range from beyond the arc and nets some steals on defense although he could improve on keeping guys in front of him. Carr averaged close to 13 points per game, one of the top marks in the camp, and simply did what he wanted to with the ball. However, he could have made better decisions and needs to cut down on the turnovers. He averaged a couple of rebounds and assists per game too and could improve his shot selection. However, he’s a great get for Seton Hall and will provide many memorable moments for Pirates fans.

Guard: Stanford Robinson | Class of 2013 | Shooting Guard | 6’4 | 175 | Indiana

The Virginia native turned in one of the best performances in the camp with his 24-point outburst in a Friday night game. Robinson is simply unguardable when he’s clicking since he has a smooth stroke from three-point land and gets into the lane at will. He’s a good finisher around the bucket and displays a quick crossover and good speed with the ball in his hands. Robinson is a huge threat in transition too since you have to account for him on the perimeter and worry about him attacking the basket. He showed great hustle as well and got after it on the defensive end. If he can consistently put it all together, he’ll be a very dangerous player at Indiana.

Forward: Troy Williams | Class of 2013 | Small Forward | 6’7 | 195

The Virginia native was another guy near the top of the leader board in points per game with close to 14. He’s a great athlete with a good motor who is very tough to stop in transition. He gets to the basket at will and attacks the offensive glass that leaves him with multiple put-backs opportunities. Williams’ motor is very good and he’s developing a better shot that makes you guard him a little tighter now that you know he’s capable of knocking down the three-pointer. However, he can improve his offense by continuing to improve his perimeter shot in addition to tightening up his ball-handling skills. Although, he did display the ability to pull-up in the mid-range game and make use of the area 15 feet from the basket.

Forward: Nick King | Class of 2013 | Small Forward | 6’6 | 210

The Memphis native was one of the best offensive players at his position if not at any perimeter position, recording close to ten points per contest. King displayed a great stroke from beyond the arc with even better range and was a good finisher. He was terrific around the bucket as he scored almost every time he got the ball within ten feet of the basket when we saw him. He showed that he was capable of scoring off the dribble and made some mid-range jumpers. King had his full scoring arsenal on display at the camp throughout the three days and impressed us, especially on the offensive end of the court. He added over a couple of rebounds and an assist per game to his stat line during his time at the camp as well.

Center: Dominic Woodson | Class of 2013 | Center | 6’9 | 265

Woodson was one of the only guys to come close to averaging a double-double through the first day of camp and finished the three-day event averaging nine points and 6.4 rebounds. He is a powerful, big-bodied center who carves out space in the paint and rebounds well on both ends of the court. He recorded one of the best performances among big men in the first game of the camp Thursday morning when he tallied 22 points and eight rebounds. Woodson then followed that up with a 12-point, ten-rebound performance in the second game of the day. He was consistently active on both ends of the court and is a presence in the paint.

All-Defensive Team

Guard: Bryson Scott | Class of 2013 | Shooting Guard | 6’0 | 175 | Purdue

The future Boilermaker played well on the defensive end throughout all three days of the camp. Scott does a good job of disrupting the passing lanes and makes it difficult for his man to get into the lane and get close to the basket. Scott played well on the offensive end too, though, and consistently got into the lane where he was able to do damage between his ability to kick it out and find the open man for the perimeter shot or finish at the bucket. Although Scott came out on the losing end, he helped his team to the championship game on day three of the camp and was a good contributor to that runner-up squad.

Guard: Daniel Hamilton | Class of 2014 | Shooting Guard | 6’6 | 170

Hamilton may have been the best perimeter defender in the whole camp due to his on-ball pressure defense. He bothers his opponent as soon as they step across half court and makes them work a lot harder on the offensive end than people normally do. It’s tough to drive by him and he’s even a shot-blocker because of how active he is on defense and his athleticism. However, Hamilton is good on offense too and consistently gets to the rim. He’s a good finisher once he gets to the basket and is a guy who likes to get out in transition. Hamilton played an important role for his championship-winning squad and left the camp a winner — something he always plays like.

Forward: Moses Kingsley | Class of 2013 | Power Forward | 6’9 | 210

Kingsley is one of class of 2013 power forward Goodluck Okonoboh‘s top competitors for the title of best shot-blocker in camp. Kingsley runs the court very well and has terrific timing inside. He’s a guy that you have to think twice about putting up a shot against but played well on the offensive end too. Kinglsey displayed the ability to score in a couple of different ways and consistently knocked down shots in the mid-range game. He finished the three-day camp averaging close to eight points and four rebounds a contest and was tough to score against in the lane. Based on the way he consistently played throughout the camp, he’s the type of guy you want protecting your rim.

Forward: Goodluck Okonoboh | Class of 2013 | Power Forward | 6’9 | 215

The New Hampshire native was one of the best, if not the best, shot-blockers in the entire camp. He has great timing when blocking shots and just has a natural feel of when to leave his feet or when to not bite on the pump fake. Okonoboh is a guy who can come across the lane to block a shot or even get out on the perimeter to block a shot. He’s the type of big man who alters shots as well even when he doesn’t get a hand on it and is a presence in the paint. He did a good job of running the court when we saw him too and displayed good athleticism in the lane and around the bucket.

Center: Mamadou Ndiaye | Class of 2013 | Center | 7’5 | 300

When you’re 7’5, you’re naturally a major presence in the paint. He was obviously a tremendous shot-blocker because of his size and length but he also displayed a lot of energy and hustle. Ndiaye ran the court a lot better than you’d expect from someone his size and even though the fast-paced camp setting isn’t where he excels, he was still able to be productive. If Ndiaye can find a slower, half-court oriented team, he could be a great grab although he’s still very, very raw and underdeveloped. He can not only improve his conditioning but he can improve his overall balance and ability to score on the low block besides using the basic drop step. The Senegal native will be an interesting prospect to track over the next year.

*Note: The only rule we had for putting together our teams was that no one could be listed more than once since there were many who deserved to be recognized.

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