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Robinson twins a guaranteed package deal

Tyree plays WR/DB on the football field.

Class of 2013 standout twin guards — point guard Tyrell and shooting guard Tyree Robinson — say they’re still in the beginning stages of the recruiting process, but they do know two things for certain.

“We’re playing both football and basketball in college,” Tyree told NRS, “and we’re going to college together.”

They also know some programs they like a lot. “Some schools standing out right now are San Diego State, Washington, Oregon, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Notre Dame, Tennesee, Georgia, Miami (FL) and Oklahoma,” Tyree added. “We’re still wide open. My brother and I are taking our recruitment slow.”

The Robinson twins list offers from the whole Pac-12, UNLV, San Deigo State, Boise State, Miami (FL), Notre Dame, Tennessee, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida State and Oklahoma, among others. They’ve also run into little trouble with college coaches about the prospect of playing both football and basketball at the next level.

“Some schools weren’t sure what my brother and I wanted to do,” Tyree said, “but since I told them, the football and basketball programs at the schools have talked to each other and got on the same page so most schools are fine with it as long as our grades don’t drop or anything like that.”

Since almost all the schools are fine with the Robinson twins play both sports, they have a large pool of programs to consider. With all of these options, they have to narrow down their choices before eventually committing and one way they’re determining how much they likes each school is by visiting them.

Tyrell photo courtesy of 247Sports.

“We’ve visited Arizona, UCLA, San Diego State, UNLV and Kansas,” Tyree said. “UCLA was over the top, just being in LA and Westwood, that atmosphere was just crazy. I really loved that visit and Arizona too. San Diego State also treats me right, that’s where I got my first offer. It’s like its home to me.” The Robinson twins also plan on visiting Washington and Oregon and will take a trip to Cal Sunday.

Some of their friends have been trying to convince them to visit a couple of schools in particular as well. “[Class of 2012 power forward] Brandon Ashley (#8Arizona) wants us to visit Arizona,” Tyree added. “Washington guys are recruiting me too – my boy [class of 2013 point guard Nigel [Williams-Goss] just committed there.

“I’m talking to other guys on the Oakland Soldiers (CA) like [class of 2013 stars power forward] Aaron Gordon and [shooting guard] Jabari Bird about college because I love playing with these guys and if I can play with them on the next level that would be cool.”

The twins also know what they’re looking for in their potential college. “Just style of play and how it will benefit us is important,” Tyree said. “We just have to be comfortable. We want an up-tempo team that gets after it and runs the floor and a school that will let the guards go.

“A school that wants to win and how much interest they show matter too. Like if they’re checking up on us and talking to us a lot, that plays a big part because if I’m at a program I want to be able to trust who I’ll be playing for and someone who will take care of me.”

The Robinson twins will visit Cal this weekend.

Tyree was able to identify a few schools doing exactly that. “I’m not going to say these schools are our favorites, but Oregon has been doing that, they’ve been one of the top programs showing the most interest and San Diego State and UCLA,” he added.

Tyree named his favorite group of coaches too. “My favorite coaching staff right now is Washington,” he said. “I know [head] coach [Lorenzo] Romar lets his guards get up and go. It doesn’t matter who brings the ball up the court or whoever gets it, they just like to run.”

He had a favorite school growing up as well who is recruiting him and his brother. “Growing up, I always liked to watch the University of Arizona play,” Tyree added. “I just like their style of play, they were known for getting guards to the next level, they made their guards better, it’s close and a family member of ours went there.”

Because the twins are still early in the recruiting process, they have a long way to go before they commit. “We won’t be making a decision anytime soon,” Tyree said. “We want to finish our senior year first. After that, we’ll sit down with our family and make a decision. It won’t be for a while.”

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