Special player blog: Williams-Goss commits

In this special edition player blog, class of 2013 point guard Nigel Williams-Goss takes us through his commitment and gives readers an inside look on how he made his decision. He explains why he ended up choosing the program he did, what he plans on doing now that he’s committed and who he’s recruiting to join him. Be sure to join over 1,500 people and follow him on Twitter!


What’s up ya’ll? It’s Nigel Williams-Goss from Henderson, Nevada. I am a 6’3 point guard for Findlay prep, class of 2013! I am originally from Portland, Oregon and lived in the northwest my entire life before moving to Nevada to attend Findlay Prep as freshman. Coming into high school I had two scholarship offers: Oregon State and the University of Washington. With those two schools being my first offers, they always held a special place in my heart.

Being at Findlay really brings a lot of exposure to players, which is one of the great benefits of being a part of the program. Because of that, I was fortunate enough to pick up another 20 plus offers to some really great programs over the last three years. Some of these schools include Providence, Missouri, Miami, Arizona, USC, Washington State, and Oregon, among others. Out of all the schools recruiting me, at the end of the day the ones I felt closest to were Washington, Harvard, UNLV, Oklahoma, and UCLA. The common theme with all of these schools for me was a sense of community, a focus on individual growth, great academics, and top flight basketball programs.

The factor that I was looking for when making my decision was first and foremost the relationship I had with the coaching staff. As a point guard I feel that the relationship with the coach is essential in a team’s success! I also know from experience I find myself playing at a higher level when I know the coach has total confidence in me. Aside from my relationship with coaching staff, I knew I had to pick a system that would fit my style of play offensively and defensively. Academics also played a huge role in my decision, as I am a 4.0 student. Each of these universities had at least one of my areas of interest. I plan on majoring in psychology, communications, or journalism. Having a double major is also a possibility.

Over the last year, the two standouts were Washington and Harvard. I can honestly say the thing I love most about both programs are the coaching staffs. I knew either way I couldn’t go wrong and I would be in great hands at either location. When it comes to Washington it is a familiar environment because I am from the northwest as I mentioned earlier. I have known the coaching staff since I was 13-years-old playing in their high school elite camps. In recent years they have been arguably the most dominant program in the Pac-12. Last year they finished as league champs and [Head] Coach [LorenzoRomar was named Pac-12 Coach of the Year for the third time.

While some questioned my love for Harvard due to their athletics, I do believe their program is on the up rise. This was evident last season with them being ranked in the top-25 nationally for multiple weeks and making the NCAA tournament. Obviously the academics are second to none and the connections are invaluable.

However, at the end of the day I had to follow my heart and it was the University of Washington that I felt most comfortable with. I felt that Washington met all the criteria that I was looking for in a school and basketball program. There is no substitute for a coach that has watched you mature over a time span of four years and stuck with you through thick and thin. The only two groups of coaches that I can honestly say have helped in my development as a person and player are [Head] Coach [Michael] Peck and the staff at Findlay and Coach Romar and his staff at Washington. And because of that I will always feel most connected to these two programs. I am excited and very thankful to God that he has blessed me with this opportunity to extend my basketball career at the University of Washington.

I am also looking forward to being able to start helping the UW coaching staff recruit other 2013 prospects! I know I’m definitely going to put my recruiting hat on when it comes to players like Aaron Gordon, Isaac Hamilton, and a [California Supreme] teammate of mine Marcus Lee! I really think we can do special things at Washington and possibly have one of the top recruiting classes in the nation! Regardless of who we end up getting, I am very happy with my decision and anxious to see what the future holds! #HuskyNation


We’d like to thank Nigel Williams-Goss for giving us an inside look at his commitment and writing this special edition player blog. If you’re interested in more Williams-Goss related content, click here to view previous articles on him. You can also take a look at other player blogs by clicking here.

*Photos courtesy of National Recruiting Spotlight, Nike and Coast to Coast Hoops.

14 comments on “Special player blog: Williams-Goss commits

  1. Welcome to the Dub Nigel…You’ve made a great choice and you’re going to love Seattle….you sound like a bright kid and I think you’ll fit in great at Washington.

  2. Mad love from the dawg pack Nigel. I love the additude and the bit of swag. Romar is a great man – you will love the UW. Get us Gordon and we are final 4 bound!!

  3. Welcome Nigel!!!!

  4. Glad to hear your heart and thoughtful approach led you to the UW! I hope (and expect) that you will find all that you are looking for there (and more). You seem like the type of person who will work hard to make the experience what you need / want it to be and I’m excited to see it on the floor. To be honest, I’ve only began hearing about you a couple weeks ago but I’m impressed by your process, the method you went about announcing and the well-written announcement. Best of luck with recruiting teammates for 2013 and good luck for the next 4 years. Go Dwags!!!

  5. Coach Romar will teach you how to become a better ball player and an even better man! Welcome Nigel!

  6. What an impressive statement from a clearly exceptional young man. UW is lucky to have you, Nigel — welcome!

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