Nigel Williams-Goss to commit Wednesday

Photo: National Recruiting Spotlight.

Class of 2013 point guard Nigel Williams-Goss has already committed once before — to UNLV a couple years ago — so he knows when the time is right to make his decision.

Now, a year after Lon Kruger left UNLV which lead to Williams-Goss’ de-commitment, Williams-Goss is ready to commit again. “I’ve talked it over with my family and I wouldn’t have set a date on Wednesday if I didn’t feel confident about my decision,” Williams-Goss told NRS. “I just want to get it over with and not lead any coaches on or anything like that.”

The Findlay Prep point guard will write a special edition player blog for NRS that will be published Wednesday where he will explain his decision and that will announce his commitment. In the mean time, he took us through what he likes about each school to preview his decision two days from now.

“The thing about Harvard is obviously that the academics are second to none and it helps you be successful in life,” he said. “You’re pretty set up with all of the connections you can make at Harvard so that’s a unique and intriguing situation.”

One thing he likes the most about Washington is the coaching staff. “[Head] coach [Lorenzo] Romar is a great coach,” he added, “they have a track record of sending a lot of pros through the years and they’ve been recruiting me since my eighth grade year so that relationship that I’ve built with them over four years is pretty strong.”

UNLV’s proximity to Findlay Prep is one of the biggest positives about the Runnin’ Rebels. “Obviously, them being close, my family living in Vegas now, UNLV’s location is definitely a plus,” he said. “They have a great recruiting class in 2012 and they should be one of the best teams in the country next year. [Head] coach [Dave] Rice is doing a good job of changing their style of play; they’re becoming an up-tempo team that fits within my style of play.”

Williams-Goss also likes Oklahoma’s coaching staff, too. “I committed to UNLV my sophomore year when [head coach] Lon Kruger was there and then he left UNLV to go to Oklahoma so obviously I’ve kept Oklahoma in the mix because of the relationship I have with coach Kruger,” Williams-Goss said. “I know the coaching staff really well and I feel there’s the opportunity for me to come in and play right away.”

He has similar feelings about UCLA. “The coaching staff — [head] coach [Ben] Howland and the rest of those guys — are complete,” Williams-Goss said. “They’re track record of NBA point guards — I think they have the most current pros in the NBA right now — especially at that position between Russell Westbrook, Jrue Holiday, Darren Collison, Jordan Farmar and Baron Davis. I feel like coach Howland really gets them ready for the NBA.

Even though he has yet to announce his commitment, he already has plans for what he’s going to do after he makes his decision public. “As a leader and point guard, I want to recruit others to come with me,” Williams-Goss added, “so the quicker I commit, the sooner I can start doing that. I want to bring people with me.”

From the conversations that I’ve had with Williams-Goss, it’s pretty clear that the only two serious contenders for him are Harvard and Washington, but which one he’ll pick remains to be seen.

3 comments on “Nigel Williams-Goss to commit Wednesday

  1. UW is where it’s at Nigel….You’ll get the royal treatment in Seattle, and while it’s no Harvard it is one of the top 50 universities in the world

  2. Sounds like a young man with great character and exceptionally gifted in more things than basketball. My hope is you pick udub but if you choose Harvard I couldnt blame you. Great situation to be in and its not by luck either. Bring that work ethic up to UDUB, Romar will mold you into complete player like so many under the radar guards.

    If you want to bring some talent with you Im sure it will be welcome. Either way good luck and god bless no matter your choice!


  3. I agree with Troy that Nigel has these excellent opportunities because of his hard work, and I sincerely hope that he will bring that work ethic to Seattle. UW can instantly benefit from this guard’s leadership during practices, games and recruiting, too!

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