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Zach LaVine puts together a list, UCLA leads

Photograph courtesy of Zach LaVine.

Class of 2013 point guard Zach LaVine has had schools that stuck out to him in the past but he didn’t have a list. Now, he not only has a list, but he also knows where each program ranks among his top five.

“UCLA, Louisville, Washington, Arizona and Memphis,” LaVine said. “That’s the order I like them in.”

It’s no surprise that the Bruins top his list since he has told NRS in the past that he has family ties to them. “I kind of have an influence towards UCLA because my dad is from California and he always represents them with UCLA gear; so does my uncle,” LaVine said at the time.

“I guess I just have a little bit of a knack towards them too. It does affect my recruitment a little bit [since] all my family is from California so they all like UCLA. But my dad said my decision was up to me and I could go wherever I wanted to go. I just have to make a careful decision and be ready to work.”

LaVine’s statements to NRS today are in line with what he has said in the past, citing his family as one of the reasons he likes the Bruins.

“I think it’s the best fit for me and my family is down there, too,” he said. “My dad is from there and I spend a lot of time down there every year and I’ve seen the campus, I like the coaches, I like how they play and they have had a lot of great guards who have gone to the NBA. It just seems like the right fit for me right now.”

Even though the Bruins are out ahead of the other four schools on his list, the Cardinals and Huskies aren’t that far behind UCLA. “Louisville is a school from the East Coast with a lot of tradition,” LaVine said. “A lot of guys from Seattle go there, too, so that’s always in the back of your mind. With Washington, it’s always going to be home for me, I’ve seen that campus and I go to a lot of games up there and I can just picture myself playing in a Huskie uniform. It’s just home to me.”

As for the last two schools on his list, LaVine is still learning about them. “I don’t know much about Arizona and Memphis but they’re contenders and I’ve heard a lot about them,” added LaVine. “They just seem like really good schools so I’m just trying to think about them and keep them in the back of my mind.”

Since he has been able to put a list together, LaVine is inching closer to making a decision, although he says that he’s still open to other schools at this point. “Most definitely, I’m still open to any school,” LaVine said, “but I’ll probably commit towards the end of this AAU season before my senior year.”

One comment on “Zach LaVine puts together a list, UCLA leads

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