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Jam Fest day one evaluations, recruiting notes

The Boo Williams Sportsplex in Hampton, Virginia is a magnet for the top AAU events in the country, especially with the EYBL making an annual stop there. However, this time it was the Southern Jam Fest’s turn to put on a show and it didn’t disappoint. During the first night, we got a chance to take a look at some of the best players in the country in addition to some sleepers. We also jotted down some recruiting notes.

Five Notables

Anthony Barber | 2013 | Point Guard | 6’2 | 165

Photograph courtesy of National Recruiting Spotlight’s photographer, Daryl Paunil.

Barber gets better and better every time I see him. He was terrific in every phase of the game between his ability to get into the lane at will and his knack for making tough shots around the rim. He also did a good job of rebounding and showed great hustle on both ends of the floor. He displayed quick hands and tough defense which netted him multiple steals. He was unselfish with the ball, displayed good range on his three-point shot and was a good ball-handler. Barber also made crafty passes, did an excellent job of staying in front of his man on defense and showed great court vision. However, he can improve on his decision making at the rim because he forced up a few shots when he was under the basket that he had very little chance of converting on.

Troy Williams | 2013 | Small Forward | 6’7 | 200

Photo courtesy of Daryl Paunil.

Williams didn’t surprise me at all with anything he did. However, that doesn’t mean he didn’t play well. As we’ve noted before, he’s an outstanding athlete who is unbelievable in transition and does a great job of finishing above the rim. He rebounded well on both ends of the court and was a terrific shot-blocker in transition. Williams did a good job of moving without the ball too and made good passes. The Virginia native displayed a nice pull-up jumper a couple of times in transition and made good decisions of when to attack the rim versus when to take the mid-range shot. However, he needs to keep developing his perimeter jump shot in addition to getting stronger and improving his ball-handling skills.

Tyrone Outlaw | 2013 | Small Forward | 6’6 | 200

Outlaw was the best prospect I saw on day one of the Southern Jam Fest who wasn’t a top-25 recruit (i.e. not named Anthony Barber or Troy Williams). He displayed a good combination of size and speed and did a good job of consistently getting into the lane where he would finish well around the bucket. He didn’t force anything, made good decisions and displayed a high basketball-IQ all game long. He also did a good job of rebounding on both ends of the floor and showed good athleticism and a good motor.

Zach Fong | 2013 | Point Guard | 5′ 10 | 155 | Navy

Even though class of 2013 standouts Anthony Barber, Tyrone Outlaw and Troy Williams were the best prospects I saw on day one, Fong definitely had the best performance out of anyone. Recording over 30 points in a single outing (against Outlaw’s Garner Road team), Fong was a lights out shooter with a smooth stroke and terrific range and consistency. He made good passes and displayed a high basketball-IQ in addition to handling the ball well. Fong was able to finish at the bucket with either hand too and can fill up the basket in a hurry.

Marcus Bryan | 2014 | Power Forward | 6’7 | 215

The recently re-classified Bryan was good in all phases of the game as he was a contributor in every aspect. He rebounded on both ends of the floor, did a good job of blocking shots in both the half-court game and in transition and used his size well in the paint. He also showed some versatility by being able to play out on the perimeter although he was at his best when he worked the high and low post. Bryan also played well on defense and displayed a good motor. One thing he can work on his improving on his ability to make jump shots inside 15-feet, although he did show flashes of it.

Quick Evaluations

  • Isaac Copeland is a versatile combo forward who finishes well above the rim and is a good athlete.
  • Devon Hall is a floor general with good range on his three-point shot.
  • Brandon Self did a great job blocking shots in the half-court game.
  • Dwayne Foreman was terrific around the rim and displayed a couple of nice interior scoring moves.
  • Greg Alexander is a wing who has great consistency on his shot in between 15 and 20 feet.
  • Davin Patterson is a quick guard who does a good job staying in front of his man on defense and has a smooth jumper with good range.
  • Andrew Rosey is a flat-out shooter with great range and consistency who is a good ball-handler and can finish with both hands.

Recruiting Notes and Quotes

Anthony Barber | 2013 | Point Guard | 6’2 | 165

  • On where Duke would be on his list if they offered: “They’d be up there.”
  • On some of the schools standing out to him: “Kansas, Alabama, UConn, Virginia Tech, Virginia.”
  • On if he would commit to Duke if they offered: “Probably, probably not, it just depends on where I want to go.”
  • Has no timetable.

Boo Williams | Uncle of Troy Williams

  • On what he and his nephew [Troy Williams] are working on to improve Troy’s game: “We really want to get into the gym; we’re working with John Lucas on his shot. We’re really working on his game when he’s shooting the basketball, just playing against better competition and just getting into the gym to work.
  • On what schools Troy will visit: “I think we’ll take a closer look at Louisville, Florida, we know Georgetown, but Florida and Louisville [are schools] we’ll take a closer look at, maybe Alabama. And South Carolina, I like Frank Martin. We know Carolina, we know about Kentucky, but there are four schools we want to take a closer look at: Alabama, South Carolina, Florida and Louisville.”
  • On why Troy added schools to his list: “We want to make sure he makes the right decision.”
  • On Troy’s timetable to commit: “We’ll wait until after July and go from there.”
  • On who he thinks is the best fit for Troy: “All the four schools we named, other than Carolina and Kentucky we know they are great places, Louisville has a great coach in Rick Pitino, Billy Donovan is a great coach, you got Coach [John] Thompson at Georgetown and then Frank Martin, you can’t go wrong with any of them.”

Tyrone Outlaw | 2013 | Small Forward | 6’6 | 200

  • On who has shown interest in him: “Yale, Harvard, Missouri, Iowa State, Wake Forest, Duke, Miami (FL), Virginia Tech, Richmond and Winthrop.”
  • On a couple schools who have offered: “High Point and Yale.”
  • On who’s standing out to him: “Yale and Harvard because I’m big on Ivy League schools because of the academics. Them two, Duke and places like that.”
  • On when he wants to commit: “I’m trying to decide by the time the high school basketball season starts.”
  • On any visits he has planned: “Tulane because coach Ronnie Hamilton, he’s actually from Oxford which is close to me, we have a close relationship. I don’t know when.”
  • On who else he wants to visit: “Duke, Yale and Harvard, I might visit one of them, Tennessee.”

Marcus Bryan | 2014 | Power Forward | 6’7 | 215

  • On his favorite schools: “Out of those who have offered: Appalachian State and FGCU. Out of those who have just shown interest: N.C. State, UVA, Virginia Tech, Miami (FL), West Virginia, Georgetown, VCU, Mississippi State and Alabama.”
  • On who he wants to visit: “FGCU, Miami (FL), N.C. State, Virginia Tech and Mississippi State. Next year’s I’ll be in Virginia during high school so I’ll probably take an unofficial then.”
  • On his favorite coaches: “Mark Gottfried at N.C. State and the coaches at FGCU.”

Zach Fong | 2013 | Point Guard | 5’10 | 155 | Navy

  • On why he committed to Navy: “Just the opportunity I can have out there, it’s a beautiful school, I like all the coaches, I like the campus, I like everything about it.”
  • On what he’s trying to improve on: “My pull-up game, getting stronger and faster.”
  • On what he looks forward to once he gets to Navy: “It’s a D-1 program, I’m just glad to get there, it’s been my dream to play [division one basketball], it’s what I’ve wanted to do.”

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