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UK, UCLA, Louisville fit what LaVine wants

Thanks to class of 2013 point guard Zach LaVine for doing the interview with us. We recently did a recruiting update on the Washington native but here’s a look at our full conversation with him. He talked to us about his recruitment, why he plays basketball, his hidden talent and much more. Check it out below.

Photo Credit: NY2LA Sports

So what’s been going on in your recruitment lately?

I’ve been hearing from a lot of schools on the West Coast, I’ve gotten a couple [of calls] from the East Coast too. I’m laying my options out and I feel like I can make a decision towards the end of the summer or early next year.

Do you have a list of schools?

I don’t know if I have a top five but I have schools that I really like.

What schools are those?

Louisville, UCLA, Arizona, Washington, Gonzaga, Colorado and Oregon State.

Does location play a factor in your recruitment at all?

Not really, I’ve lived here [in Washington] my whole life but I have a lot of family in California. I want to experience stuff on my own so going back East really wouldn’t both me. So location really isn’t a big deal for me.

What are you looking for in a school?

I’m looking for the right fit; I’m looking for a school with the right style of offense and a team that can compete in the Final Four and Sweet Sixteen… a team that can with the National Championship. My goal in my life is to get to the NBA, that’s my dream, so whatever [school] can put me there too.

Does anyone fit that description?

I think Kentucky is the big one, but I haven’t heard from them. Louisville is a big one too and definitely UCLA. Washington has my good friends Tony [Wroten, Jr.] and Terrence [Ross] going to the NBA so they all seem like really good schools.

Do any college guys recruit you?

I hear from [Tony and Terrence] all the time about how great Washington is.

What type of system do you want to play in?

It would be good for a team to run a wide open offense, one that shoots a lot of threes and gets up and down the court. It’s really up to the coach, I haven’t thought about it a lot.

Who’s recruiting you the hardest?

It’s between Washington and UCLA, they’re definitely on me the hardest.

Who do you want to visit?

I want to go to Louisville, I want to see what the campus is like, I want to see what Baylor is like. I’ve taken an unofficial to UCLA, I’ve been to Washington, Oregon State and Gonzaga so all those schools are great.

Why do you want to visit those two schools?

They’re a couple of the top schools in the country. Louisville advanced to the Final Four and they’re a great school and Baylor is another great contender and could help me get to the NBA. It would also be nice to go out to Texas.

What’s been the coolest part of the recruiting process for you?

It’s just a once in a lifetime opportunity, not many people get to go through it. It is a very fun experience, you get all these letters and all these calls from coaches who just really like you. A lot of people don’t get to see all these schools and I get to go and see their campuses and play basketball. It’s just been a really fun experience.

Photo Credit: Seattle Times

What’s your favorite part of the recruiting process?

My favorite part is probably getting the coaches to come see all my games. I like to put on a show for them.

What’s your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

There’s not really like a least favorite thing but all the phone calls daily, I’m not saying I don’t like it, it’s just after a while there’s call after call. It’s not really a bad thing, I enjoyed it the first few times, but it just gets old.

Who was your favorite college basketball team growing up?

My favorite college basketball team growing up was North Carolina because of Michael Jordan. I kind of have an influence towards UCLA because my dad is from California and always represents them with UCLA gear; so does my uncle. I guess I just have a little bit of a knack towards them too.

Does that affect your recruitment at all?

A little bit, all my family is from California so they all like UCLA but my dad said my decision was up to me and I could go wherever I wanted to go. I just have to make a careful decision and be ready to work.

What are you trying to improve on this summer?

I’m trying to improve on my strength and getting a little bigger. I’m about 6’3½ but I’m not really hitting the weights as hard as I should be. I want to get my upper body stronger and become more of a true point guard instead of a scoring point guard.

Why do you play the game of basketball?

I love the game of basketball, I’m dedicated to the game. My ultimate goal and dream is to get to the NBA and for my family.

What’s one thing that people probably don’t know about you?

I’m a pretty good dancer, I can hit that dougie kind of hard [laughing].

Got any YouTube videos of you yet?

[Laughing] I don’t think so, maybe I did one. At one of our games a guy recorded my dunk and I did it a little bit after that.

Do you have any funny or interesting recruiting stories?

In my first phone call with a coach, I was really scared and I was mumbling a lot so my dad had to come talk to the coach a little bit so I could get over my nerves. Ninth grade I think.

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