Gill talks Cards, recruiting others, playing CP3

Thanks to class of 2013 shooting guard Anton Gill (Louisville) for doing the interview with us. The 6’4, 190-pound North Carolina native attends Ravenscroft High School (North Carolina) and plays with Garner Road on the AAU circuit. He talked to us about Louisville, who he’s recruiting to join him, the Cardinal’s run to the Final Four and much more. Check it out below.

Why did you commit to Louisville?

There were a lot of reasons. Probably the biggest is [head] coach [Rick] Pitino. I like the system he runs and how hard his players play for him and I think he’ll make me the player I want to be.

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

My favorite part was probably visiting colleges and getting to go to games and experience all of that. I got to go to a lot of good games and saw a lot of players I look up to, a bunch of guys like when I went to North Carolina I saw Harrison Barnes [and] Kendall Marshall and when I went to Louisville I saw Peyton Siva. Those are just a few guys I look at in the college game and try to breakdown their game and see how it can complement mine.

What was your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

Getting all the phone calls from the coaches, it’s a blessing but at the same time it gets to you a little bit. It’s not that bad but if I had to pick out the worst part it would be that.

What do you like about Louisville that isn’t basketball related?

I like the way the campus looks, the campus looks really nice. It’s a nice, little college town and then if you go a further downtown you can find some things to do.  The way it’s set up is really nice with all the classes and stuff because you won’t get lost either.

How excited were you that Louisville was in the Final Four?

I was very excited. It’s huge because down here [in North Carolina] there’s so many Carolina fans, Duke fans [and] N.C. State fans so it’s big for me. I got to wear all my Louisville gear and stuff like that [laughing]. Some people gave me a hard time because it’s kind of competitive down here but I still had fun with it.

So how does a guy in Duke and Carolina territory end up in Louisville?

I just felt like my relationship with coach Pitino and the whole coaching staff, that really put them above everyone else. I felt like I could trust them to help me get my degree [and] give me a chance to play at the next level. There’s a lot of good schools around here but my gut feeling was with Louisville.

Are you trying to recruit anyone to join you at Louisville?

Yeah, I’ve talked to [class of 2013 small forward] Greg McClinton a couple of times, [shooting guard] Theo Pinson in 2014, [class of 2013 point guard] Tyler Ennis who goes to St. Benedict’s, he’s really good, and [class of 2013 center] Kennedy Meeks too. I probably talk to Greg and Theo the most. I talk to them probably once or twice every couple of weeks. I’m going to start talking to Kennedy and Tyler more.

So what are you telling these guys?

I just tell them about coach Pitino, why I committed and tell them why it’d be good for them to commit. I want to have a strong class going in and I want Louisville to excel.

What are some of your goals for your time at Louisville?

I want to win and be an impact freshman. I want to play a lot, start some games and be able to show my game. I want to make the NCAA Tournament and make a deep run like this year’s team.

Are you looking to playing in any games once you get to Louisville?

I’m really looking forward to the Kentucky game. I can’t wait to play in that game.

Okay, well you’re from North Carolina but you’re going to Louisville, what’s the bigger rivalry, Louisville-Kentucky or Carolina-Duke?

It’s tough right now because I haven’t played yet in the Louisville-Kentucky game so I think I’d be able to answer that question better after my first year in college.

What’s been the coolest part of the recruiting process for you?

Just some of the games I get to see in person. I’ve been to Miami, Clemson, North Carolina, N.C. State, Wake Forest, Louisville… I’ve been to so many campuses – football and basketball. I’ve seen Miami-Ohio State and some good basketball games too. I saw when UNC played Wisconsin this year in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge and sat front row. It was fun.

I also got to play one-on-one against Chris Paul when I went down to Wake Forest, I’ve definitely never played anyone that good before in my life, it was fun though. I thought I played well but he’s just indescribable. He would tell me what he was going to do to me before he would even do it.

What was it like to be in the ESPN RISE NHSI?

It was great. I still wish we would have won and played a little more but just the chance to play in a tournament like that that you watch on TV every year was exciting. It was one of those moments that will stick with me for a long time.

What are some of the things you’re trying to improve on over the summer?

A lot of things, I’m working on getting stronger, adding weight to my body, trying to stay quick, explosiveness and also point guard skills like coming off screens, pick-and-roll, mid-range jump shots and getting better on defense and improve my decision-making.

Thanks again to Anton for doing the interview with us, you can see more of our interviews with the top prospects in the country here.

3 comments on “Gill talks Cards, recruiting others, playing CP3

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  2. just saw antons real games mix tape…wow. his shot looks alot like Jerry smiths’. Anton is quick and definitly needs to retain 90% of the game he already has. Sometimes players think they need to learn to play different. Just remember what got you here. you are that good. Don’t ever ever dought yourself. With Chane Behanon, Blackshear, Terry Rozier, big Gorgi and Lightening quick Russ Louisville will be on a higher level and definite powerhouse for years to come. I never buy into louisvilles preseasons hype but these next couple years will be fun to watch. If Anto can work on his quick release 3point shot and accuracy it looks like the rest of his game is already there.Always go strong to the hole when a defender is on u on fast breaks. Look to score first not pass. Look at Russ smith he dropped 30pts. on UofK in first game. He’s not afraid to take it to the rim. Thats how Kentucky won it all. They scored most of their pts. at the rim all year. Hats off to u Anton Gill, I saw u ball when u had a defender gllued to u, not a bull@#$% throwaway game. U got game. So glad ur comin to the VILLE

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