Williams-Goss visiting Harvard, five lead

Photo Credit: Daryl Paunil/NRS

After winning the ESPN RISE NHSI Championship Saturday, class of 2013 point guard Nigel Williams-Goss has already turned his attention to recruiting just four days later.

The Findlay Prep floor general already has five schools that standout above the rest.

“Washington, Harvard, Missouri, Oklahoma and UNLV are my top five,” the 6’3, 180-pound Oregon native said. “First and foremost, my comfort level with all those coaching staffs – especially the point guard coaches – is really good and it’s important because for the team to be successful, the point guard and the point guard coach have to be on the same page and have a good relationship.

“I’m also looking for coaches where I can play my game comfortably for them and then obviously academics are important as well.”

Williams-Goss has already planned out a few trips to three of those five schools as he visits Harvard Thursday, Washington in May and has a trip to Missouri in the works.

One of the things he’s anticipating most for his visit to Massachusetts is meeting the players for the first time.

“I’m looking forward to being around the guys – I think the team is a reflection of the coach and their attitudes – and seeing the campus,” Williams-Goss said. “I’ve never been to Boston so I just want to see the area and see if I see myself living there for however long I’m in school.”

However, as implied by their inclusion in his top five, Harvard is already high on his list.

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“They have a great coaching staff,” Williams-Goss added, “I have a great relationship with [assistant] coach [Yanni] Hufnagel and obviously the academics speak for themself. I think the program is on the up rise.”

Other than his top five, Williams-Goss is also considering Washington State, Oregon, Arizona, USC, UCLA and Providence. He has a good idea of what type of system he wants to play in at college, too.

“Definitely an up-tempo team, I would prefer getting up and down the court rather than just half-court,” Williams-Goss said. “Also, someone who puts a lot of emphasis on defense because I take a lot of pride in defense.”

However, something that won’t impact his decision is whether a school is considered a mid-major or high-major program.

“I think nowadays the talent level is equaling out across the country,” Williams-Goss said, “so I understand the concept of mid-majors but I think if you can play, you can play and if someone works hard they’ll get to where they want to go no matter what school they’re coming from.”

Among the schools he is looking at the hardest, two stick out to him in terms of who’s doing the best job recruiting him. “All those schools I listed are doing a great job recruiting me but just the relationships that I have with Washington and Harvard, those two are just a little bit above the rest,” Williams-Goss said.

3 comments on “Williams-Goss visiting Harvard, five lead

  1. Great article. I’d like to hear where he ends up going. Can’t go wrong with a Harvard education.

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