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Kasey Hill talks recruiting others, Florida

Thanks to class of 2013 point guard Kasey Hill (Florida) for doing the interview with us. The 6’3, 190-pound floor general talked to us about the Gators, the recruiting process, class of 2013 stars he’s recruiting and more. Check out the interview below as well as some of his highlights.

Why did you commit to Florida?

I have a good relationship with [head] coach [Billy] Donovan and he played point guard in the NBA so I feel like I can learn a lot from him. I think he’ll be able to build me into a better pick-and-roll player because he told me that’s a lot of what they do in the NBA.

Why did you commit at the time that you did?

I just felt like it was the right time for me. I knew what I wanted to do and coach Donovan told me to let him know when I was ready to commit and I was ready to do it so I did.

Who helped you throughout the recruiting process?

Just my family, they never pressured me to stay home. They didn’t want me to pick a college for that reason and they let me make my own decision. I knew that if I would make that decision I would make them happy but I would also make myself happy because I’m the one that has to live there and be there, not them.

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

Just getting to know the coaches, that’s about it. I also enjoyed visiting schools and seeing the different atmospheres.

What was your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

I don’t have a least favorite part. I think everything went well and there wasn’t anything I didn’t like.

What do you like about Florida that isn’t basketball related?

That campus is really nice, it’s close to home and it’s a great atmosphere. My family can come to watch me too.

What do you think about Florida’s season so far?

I think they’re doing okay, there’s a couple games that they probably shouldn’t have lost but other than that they’re doing okay.

Are you trying to recruit any other guys to join you?

Yeah, I’m trying to recruit two guys right now. I’m recruiting [class of 2013 standouts small forward] Ishmail Wainright and [power forward] Julius Randle so hopefully they come down and visit Florida and see what they think. I’d really like to play with those two guys.

What do you like about those two guys?

Ishmail is a really smooth player, and he’s really strong. He can pass the ball and Julius is a dominant player, he’s always been a dominant player in our class. He plays both inside and outside and he has great moves. He finishes well and has great toughness. They both love to win too.

What are you saying to those guys to recruit them?

I just talk to them about how nice the campus is. I try not to bug them about it though because that’s stuff they should talk to their family about. I try to talk to them when they have time.

What are you looking forward to once you get to Florida?

Just enjoying the college life and preparing for the next level. That’s my goal is to make it to the NBA, but I also want to enjoy college and learn a lot from coach Donovan.

Are there any guys you look forward to playing with?

Yeah, [class of 2012 shooting guards] Dillon Graham definitely and Michael Frazier who’s my teammate at Montverde Academy (Florida). Dillon was on my AAU team this past summer but before that I grew up playing Dillon my whole life so I know how good he is and I always wanted to play with him. He’s also such a cool and laid back guy and he loves to win too. Mike is a teammate of mine this year and I’ve been learning a lot about him and how to get him the ball so he can score. I know he’s going to get a good shot off so I try to get him the ball.

How valuable is it that you’ve played with those guys even before you play with them in college?

It’s a big thing because you know you have that trust and you know how hard they’re going to play.

What are some of your goals for Florida?

To become a better person and a better shooter. I think Florida will help me become a better person just because of the environment. As for the shooting part, it’s not so much Florida but it’s more on me. It’s just up to me to workout and put a lot of shots up and improve.

How do you think going to Florida will help you get to the next level?

They get up and down the court, they run the pick-and-roll, which is basically all they do in the NBA, and coach Donovan played in the NBA so he knows a lot about playing point guard in the NBA that I can learn from.

Did you have a favorite basketball team?

Kind of but not really. I always liked the Gators and I always liked North Carolina. Both of those schools were my dream schools so I always liked those two schools.

What was the coolest part of the recruiting process for you?

Just being around the head coaches. I’m a normal kid just like every other kid so that’s kind of hard to answer.

Why do you play the game of basketball?

I do it for my family, that’s basically it. I want to give my family a better place to live so they don’t have to stay in the same place where I grew up.

What’s your favorite basketball memory?

I’d say in 7th grade when I dunked over a kid and they got a picture of it and I got it blown up on a poster.

How did your high school team end up doing this year?

We did well, our goal is to get invited to the [ESPN] National High School Invitational in Maryland.

What do you think you improved on this year?

My jump shot has become more consistent and I’ve done a better job getting my teammates involved.

What are you still working on to improve your game?

Definitely getting my jump shot better and better and getting in the weight room. I’m practicing doing one-dribble pull-ups at the top of the key and working on catch-and-shoot situations.

What’s one thing people probably don’t know about you?

That I’m really funny.

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