Georgia Tech recruiting Ennis the hardest

Thanks to class of 2013 point guard Tyler Ennis for doing the interview with us. The 6’3, 180-pound floor general attends St. Benedict’s Prep (New Jersey) and runs with CIA Bounce (Canada) during the summer circuit. He talked to us about who’s recruiting him the hardest, his hidden talent, Twitter and much more. Check it out below.

Do you have a list right now?

I don’t really have a list but more schools I’m interested in. They’re Arizona, Kansas, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Memphis, Syracuse, Seton Hall, West Virginia… I can’t think of the rest of them.

Is anyone standing out? Do you have any leaders?

No, not right now.

What are you looking for in a school?

I’m looking for a school that already has some talent because you can’t win without talent. I just want to win. I want a coach that has a history of producing point guards and I want to have a good relationship with the coaching staff. I want to be able to come in my freshman year and have an impact and not wait my turn like some people do.

Does anyone fit that description?

A lot of the schools that are recruiting me like Kansas, Arizona, Memphis and some other schools.

Who’s your favorite coaching staff?

I don’t think I have one but coach from Seton Hall comes to every game we have and coach [Emanuel] “BookRichardson from Arizona is funny and he has a good relationship with my father.

What kind of system do you want to play in at college?

An up-tempo game that has a lot of freedom but not too much, an offense that lets the players do what they need and showcase their talent. The coach has to have control over his players though and have the respect of his players and not let anything hectic go on.

Which school do you think is the best fit for you?

Arizona, Kansas, Memphis, Syracuse and a lot of the schools recruiting me.

Who’s recruiting you the hardest?

I’d say Georgia Tech, they call me a lot and keep up with me a lot.

Are there any guys recruiting you to come to their school?

[Class of 2012 shooting guard] Brannen [Greene] is trying to recruit me to Kansas. [Class of 2012 power forward] Anthony Bennett and I had a lot of similar schools recruiting us and he’s trying to drag me wherever he goes.

How good of a job are those guys doing recruiting you?

Brannen texts me all the time and lets all the fans now Kansas is recruiting me and shows me that I’m wanted there. Not only the coaches want me but the players too so that’s a good thing.

Do you have a timetable for when you’re going to cut your list, make your decision, etc.?

I want to take my unofficial visits after the high school season and then start cutting my list down in the summer and then I think I’ll commit by this time next year.

Who do you want to visit?

I know my dad and the Arizona coaching staff have talked about getting me on an unofficial visit and Louisville and Kansas will probably get unofficials too.

Why those schools?

My father and coach Book have a good relationship and they have some big games coming up soon so that will be good to get out there and get away from this weather. With Kansas, Brannen’s been recruiting me and we talked about taking an unofficial together near the end of the season and Louisville is recruiting me and one of my AAU teammates, [class of 2014 shooting guard] Xavier [Rathan-Mayes], so we’re talking about going together. We might go to Kansas together too.

What’s been the coolest part of the recruiting process for you?

At the start of my recruitment I use to love getting letters, now the main thing is Twitter. You get to see how many fans follow each team and see how many people from Arizona follow you or how many people from Kansas follow you.

What’s the craziest Twitter message you’ve ever gotten?

A lot of the Kansas fans always retweet whatever Brannen tweets whenever something good happens to him and mentions me to basically say this is what can happen to you if you come to Kansas with Brannen.

What’s been your favorite part of the recruiting process so far?

Just being able to watch coaches behind the scenes that you see on TV and just knowing those guys are recruiting you, that’s pretty cool.

What’s been your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

Probably the phone calls because sometimes you can be in different time zones or you’re doing homework and you have to call them all back. I do appreciate all the calls I get but it’s kind of tough dealing with all of it.

Did you have a favorite college basketball team growing up?

Growing up I use to love North Carolina and Duke because of the whole rivalry and obviously I liked Michael Jordan.

Do you think there should be a shot clock in high school basketball?

I definitely think there should be shot clocks because the teams we play don’t have as much talent as us and they can’t keep up with us so they just try to waste time and I think that really takes away from the game and that isn’t what the game is about. At the next level where a lot of people are trying to go they have a shot clock and maybe it’s a good strategy if you aren’t playing to compete and you aren’t that good but it definitely takes away from the game in my opinion.

Do you have any hidden talents or anything?

Yeah, I like to sing but I don’t know how good I am. Whenever Drake comes out with a new song I try to remember the lyrics and try to keep up.

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