2013 PG Tyler Ennis now planning visits

For most prospects going through the recruiting process, there’s a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity, but when it comes to class of 2013 point guard Tyler Ennis, he knows exactly what he’s looking for.

“I’m looking for a school that already has some talent because you can’t win without talent,” says Ennis. “I just want to win.”

He also wants to play for a proven coach and he doesn’t want to come in and sit behind other guys. “I want a coach that has a history of producing point guards and I want to have a good relationship with the coaching staff,” adds Ennis. “I want to be able to come in my freshman year and have an impact and not wait my turn like some people do.”

Another thing important to the Canada-native is the style of play of his potential school.

“I want to play in an up-tempo game that has a lot of freedom, but not too much, an offense that lets the players do what they need and showcase their talent,” says Ennis. “The coach has to have control over his players though and have the respect of his players and not let anything hectic go on.”

While knowing what he wants has been quite easy for the 6’3, 180-pound floor general, its finding schools that matches that description that’s a little harder. Right now he has a long list of schools including Arizona, Kansas, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Memphis, Syracuse, Seton Hall and West Virginia and says that no one is standing out to him.

However, a few different schools did pop up multiple times when talking about where he’d fit in best. Ennis named Kansas, Arizona and Memphis as programs that match everything he listed above and he also said that his two favorite coaching staffs are Arizona and Seton Hall because of his father’s relationship with assistant coach EmanuelBook” Richardson and because Seton Hall shows up to almost every one of his games.

Kansas has a bit of an advantage, though, in one aspect because of recent class of 2013 commit shooting guard Brannen Greene. “Brannen texts me all the time and lets all the fans now Kansas is recruiting me and shows me that I’m wanted there,” adds Ennis. “Not only the coaches want me but the players too so that’s a good thing.”

Greene’s recruitment seems to be paying off too because Ennis cites the Jayhawk’s most recent addition as the reason he wants to visit Lawrence. He also wants to take a closer look at Arizona and Louisville.

Says Ennis, “My father and coach Book have a good relationship and they have some big games coming up soon so that will be good to get out there and get away from this weather. With Kansas, Brannen’s been recruiting me and we talked about taking an unofficial together near the end of the season and Louisville is recruiting me and one of my AAU teammates, [class of 2014 shooting guard] Xavier [Rathan-Mayes], so we’re talking about going together. We might go to Kansas together too.”

Although Ennis has yet to put together a small or trimmed down list, he does have a timetable for when he wants to take those visits, when he wants to cut his list and ultimately when he wants to commit.

“I want to take my unofficial visits after the high school season and then start cutting my list down in the summer and then I think I’ll commit by next December or January,” says Ennis. “By this time next year I should be committed.”

2 comments on “2013 PG Tyler Ennis now planning visits

  1. Jayhawk Nation would love to have you! Come join the greatest basketball family in the country, play for the best coach in the game, in front of the loudest and most passionate fans in CBB! Rock Chalk!

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