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TJ Warren trying to lure Jabari Parker

Thanks to class of 2012 small forward TJ Warren (North Carolina State) for doing the interview with us. Warren attends Brewster Academy (New Hampshire) and is a 6’7, 205-pound wing. He talked to us about his dad playing for the Wolfpack, who he’s recruiting for NC State and much more. Check it out below.

Why did you commit to NC State?

I committed to NC State because the coaching staff recruited me hard and I think we’re going to do some great things when I get there.

Why did you commit at the time that you did?

It just felt right and I just thought it was the time to commit to North Carolina State.

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

My favorite part was being able to see schools recruiting me real hard and showing up to my AAU games. I’m really familiar with NC State because my dad played there and they’ve been recruiting me since I started high school even with the change of coaching staff.

How important was the fact that your dad played for NC State?

It was important because I just want to keep the legacy alive for my family at NC State.

What was your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

All the phone calls I was getting was getting kind of confusing and annoying. Talking to all the coaches was cool though and gathering all the information I could.

What do you like about NC State that isn’t basketball related?

I just like the school, it’s a great school. It’s diverse, there are all types of people and it’s going to be really fun. I love Raleigh and it’s close to home which is good.

What do you think of the class you guys have coming in?

We have two real good guards in [point guard] Tyler Lewis and [shooting guard] Rodney Purvis and I think we’ll compete with the best of the ACC between the pieces they already have and the pieces we have coming in. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun and bring a lot of excitement next year.

What do you think of NC State’s season so far?

I’ve been keeping tabs on them and been to a couple games. I think they’ve been playing pretty well and I’m just trying to get used to everything over there.

Are you recruiting anybody to join you at NC State?

No, not right now. But when I come back down to North Carolina [after the school year] I’m going to start recruiting [class of 2013 small forward] Jabari Parker. He’s a real good player and he’s versatile and he can play all five positions. I just love his game.

How do you know Jabari?

Over the AAU circuit we just met and became friends.

What are you looking forward to at NC State?

I’m looking forward to getting in school and starting classes. After that I’m just going to work out and be ready to play.

Are there any particular guys you look forward to playing with?

Pretty much the recruiting class we have coming in.

Is there any one you look forward to playing against?

I can’t wait to play against UNC and Duke. It will be fun competition for us and they’re the top two teams right now but I want to change that.

What are your goals for your time at NC State?

Just to become the best player I can be and dominate every phase of the game and keep working and getting better.

What was the coolest part of the recruiting process for you?

Just being able to communicate with different coaches and building relationships with them because they know a lot of people and can help you later on.

How does going to an elite program like Brewster help prepare you for NC State?

Going to a school like Brewster will help me mentally prepare and it’s great. It’s a great school, I play with great players and I play against great competition. That’s how it’s going to be at NC State.

Do you think there should be a shot clock in high school?

Yes, there should definitely be a shot clock because it prepares us for next year. I really enjoy having one in high school. Having a shot clock is important because at the next two levels in college and in the NBA there’s a shot clock so it gets you ready. I think 35 seconds is a good amount because that’s the college one.

So how’s the season going for you at Brewster?

It’s going well, I’m just trying to show everyone I’m a great player and I want to keep working and show people what I’m about and work towards all-star games like the McDonald’s All-American game and Jordan Brand Classic.

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