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Smith-Rivera says Parker next GU commit

Thanks to class of 2012 point guard D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera for doing the interview with us. The Georgetown-bound floor general attends Oak Hill Academy who is currently undefeated with 25 wins under their belt. The 6’3, 213-pound Indiana-native talked to us about Georgetown’s season so far, who may be the next Georgetown commit, his favorite basketball player growing up and much more. Check it out below.

Why did you commit to Georgetown?

I just felt like it was the perfect fit with the coaching staff. I get along really well with the players on the team and I like where they’re going right now as far as the system and what they’re trying to do.

Why did you commit at the time that you did?

I just felt I was ready and that I could trust the coaches at Georgetown. The city is very political and that area kind of brings back the home feeling and is like my home away from home.

How do you think going to a school like Oak Hill prepares you for college?

Just playing great teams night in and night out, we play a tough schedule. We play more games than college teams so I think the length of the season along with the competition prepares you for college.

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

Just getting to know people, meeting a lot of coaches who are up and coming and getting to know people like the older John Thompson. It’s cool getting to know guys who have been there and done that and played in the NBA and coached guys who have been drafted.

What was your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

Just the constant calls, I didn’t really like people calling me everyday.

What do you like about Georgetown that isn’t basketball related?

The education and the city is very diverse, there are a lot of different cultures there and it’s usually pretty amped up.

You mentioned politics earlier, is that something you’re really interested in?

Somewhat, I don’t really plan on majoring in that area at all but it does kind of help where the school is located and I think it helps with [career] opportunities because it’s the primary school in the area.

What do you think of the recruiting class Georgetown has coming in?

I like [class of 2012 power forward] Brandon Bolden and we’re trying to get [class of 2012 power forward] Tony Parker to come with us, that would be nice. I see Georgetown as a school on the rise and I think the team we have right now is underrated. Between who is already at Georgetown and who we have coming in, I think if we get just one more guy we’ll be set.

You mentioned Tony Parker, who are you recruiting to come to Georgetown?

I know we’re recruiting Tony Parker and maybe [class of 2012 shooting guard] Torian Graham but I’m not sure.

Who do you think will be the next Georgetown commit?

Tony Parker!

Have you been following Georgetown this season, what do you think so far?

I’m enjoying it, we only have one loss and that was early on in the season and we just missed a couple free throws against Kansas and I think that was just a game to test out and see how guys fit in and what their roles are.

What do you look forward to at Georgetown?

Just playing, the team right now is really unselfish and really humble and you always want to be around unselfish people and they look out for each other.

Are there any particular guys you look forward to playing with at Georgetown?

[Freshman shooting guard] Jabril Trawick, me and him instantly hit it off when I went down for my visit so me and him are the closest out of everybody.

Is there anyone you look forward to playing against in college?

Not necessarily, I kind of want to come back home and play Indiana University and Purdue University but it doesn’t matter that much. Also Syracuse because they’re number one right now and they’re in our conference.

What are your goals for Georgetown?

Win a national championship and just have to have an impact. I want to come in and give my team energy and play hard. Personal goals don’t really matter as long as the team wins.

Did you have a favorite basketball team growing up?

Not necessarily, Shaquille O’Neal was always my favorite player so I guess you could say the Lakers but I was more of a Shaquille O’Neal fan.

What was the coolest part of the recruiting process for you?

On my official visits it wasn’t as much about basketball as seeing campus, meeting people, hanging out with the team and seeing what the college life was about for a couple days. That was fun.

Do you think there should be shot clocks in high school?

I think there should be. It’s in college and in the NBA and I think they should stay consistent and prepare all the athletes that plan on continuing basketball in college. Getting it in the high school game is very important and it should be 35 seconds like at the collegiate level.

Evaluate your season with Oak Hill so far, what do you need to do to win a National Championship?

We just need to stay focused and stay together. We need to continue to play hard and bring energy and be unselfish. Right now I think we are the number one team in the country and I think we are very deserving of it. I think we have the pieces and we always want to play better and get better and when you have 11 guys on a team who work to get better it all comes together when we play.

Who do you think is the team MVP so far?

I would have to say [class of 2012 center] A.J. Hammons (Purdue), he does a lot of the things other guys don’t want to do like rebound. He doesn’t take very many shots and he has an offensive package but in high school it’s more of a guard game. When you have a big guy like that who’s willing to give up and sacrifice for the team you can’t ask for a better person to play with. He’s always there for everybody and he’s probably the biggest clown on the team.

Why do you play the game of basketball?

I really can’t answer that, it’s just a love thing. I’ve always played basketball and I honestly can’t see myself not playing basketball.

What’s one thing people probably don’t know about you?

That’s a tough question… I used to have a bald head when I was younger. I started to grow my hair out in sixth grade.

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