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Recruit Roundtable: Spotlighting good students

In a world where high school basketball players are given a bad reputation when it comes to academics, there are some people out there who truly embody the phrase “student-athlete.” Some recruits do have their grades as a top priority and realize the rewards they will reap later in life from doing that. In this edition of “Recruit Roundtable,” several highly rated prospects talk about why they do well in school.

Let’s meet them.

Tyler Lewis | Senior | Point Guard | Oak Hill Academy | North Carolina State

4.0 GPA

“Academics play a major role in my life because I know someday the ball will quit bouncing. My parents care more about my academic success than my basketball success. Doing well in school will give me something to fall back on if basketball doesn’t work out and help me get a better job.”

Perry Ellis | Senior | Power Forward | Wichita Heights HS | Kansas

4.0 GPA

“Academics were important to me already in middle school before high school. My older sister told me you better get your [good] grades as a freshman [and] don’t wait until you are a junior in high school [because] it will be too late. I started really focusing in the 7th grade and haven’t stopped since.”

Brannen Greene | Junior | Shooting Guard | Mary Persons HS | Kansas

4.0 GPA

“Getting good grades is a major focus in my house. Good grades are a must and I don’t want to have any trouble getting into college. I’m just a competitor everywhere and the classroom is definitely one of them. Academics helps you in so many ways outside the classroom too.”

Alex Poythress | Senior | Small Forward | Northeast HS | Kentucky

3.9 GPA

“I care a lot about academics because my parents have always stressed the importance of it to me. Doing well in school now helps you later on in life because you always need something to fall back on. [Academics and doing well in school] is very important to me.”

Andre Washington | Senior | Center | Hargave Military Academy | Wake Forest

3.5 GPA

“My education is going to be there my whole life once basketball is over. I think it will give me a good background to get my foot in the door so I can be a good business man one day. Not everyone has a chance to get a scholarship like me so I want to be a good role model.”

Basil Smotherman | Senior | Small Forward | Lawrence North HS | Purdue

3.5 GPA

“Academics always come first in my mind. If you get hurt, you have to have something to fall back on. It’s important to me because I always want to do well in school. Doing well in school will help me do well in life and that’s something that’s important to me.”

Montay Brandon | Senior | Point Guard | Wesleyan Christian Academy | Florida State

3.5 GPA

“My mom instilled that academics were important when I was very young. Doing well in school is really going to give me a lot of options later on in life because you can’t play basketball forever. I’ll be able to explore other avenues in life and I’ll be prepared with a good education.”

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