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WFU always the one for Miller-McIntyre, full interview

Thanks to class of 2012 point guard Codi Miller-McIntyre for doing the interview with us. The Wake Forest-bound floor general plays for Hargrave Military Academy and stands at 6’3, 195 pounds. He talked to us about the process he went through in choosing Wake Forest, recruiting other players, his dislike for Duke and North Carolina and much more. Take a look below and check out our interview with another class of 2012 Wake Forest-commit, center Andre Washington.

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

In general, it was really fun knowing that if you came out and played a good game there would always be coaches watching you. It felt good to get a call from a coach after the game or talking to a scout, that part felt really good. As far as the recruiting process with Wake, it was real stressful at first because it took a while to get an offer but as soon as it happened I was really happy. I was supposed to visit Clemson two days after that but when [Wake Forest head] coach [Jeff] Bzdelik called I had to call one of the coaches from Clemson to tell them I had to cancel my visit there so I could commit to Wake.

What was your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

My least favorite part was if I played a bad game I didn’t want to disappoint people. I’m a person who doesn’t do well with disappointment. With Wake, my only least favorite part was that it took them so long to offer me.

So it sounds like you were eyeing Wake for a while even when they weren’t recruiting you, is that fair to say?

Yeah, that was one of my favorite schools at first. It was always going to be between them and Clemson but I knew I wanted to go to Wake for sure.

Did you grow up a Wake fan?

To be honest, I’ve always played basketball my whole life, but as far and sitting down and watching it, I never really got into it because if I was watching someone else play I would get mad that I wasn’t playing so I never really had a favorite college team because I would rather be in the gym working on my game.

Why did you choose to commit to Wake?

One, because of [associate head] coach [Jeff] Battle, we developed a really good friendship and it felt like I could talk to him about almost anything. Before I committed, I thought if I went up there and didn’t know anyone else I could always go to coach Battle and talk to him about anything all the way from girls up to basketball and family issues. With coach Bzedelik, after sitting down and talking to him about how he wants to bring Wake back I felt honored to be apart of it with him.

What do you like about Wake that isn’t basketball related?

Definitely the education. I knew if everything didn’t go well with basketball I was getting a good education that I need.

What specifically do you like about the academics?

I wanted to go into criminal justice, but I came to find that they don’t have it there so I have to change it but I know if anything happened with basketball and I wanted to be a lawyer that [Wake] is the perfect school to go to.

Why did you choose to commit at the time that you did?

I’m the type of person that doesn’t really like wasting anyone’s time. If I didn’t commit to Wake, in my mind I would have already committed to Wake so I didn’t want coaches to still recruit me and try to persuade me when I already knew where I wanted to go. I felt I’d be wasting other coaches’ time when they could be recruiting someone who really wanted to go to their school.

What are you looking forward to at Wake?

My first home game at [the Lawrence Joel Veterans] Memorial Coliseum. I also can’t wait for UNC and Duke. Everybody thinks they’re the best in the ACC and all that and I like playing against teams with a big reputation.

Andre Washington Interview
The 6’10, 210-pound center talked recently about facing John Henson and more.

Are there any venues you want to play in?

No, as long as I’m on the court with my Wake teammates by my side I’m happy.

Who has helped you the most in the recruiting process?

Probably my mom and father. Before I got more attention and played at bigger events, I sat down with my parents and talked about how far away from home I’d be willing to go to school. At first, I thought about going to school far away but after talking to my parents I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to do. That’s what made Wake so perfect, it’s only a 45-minute drive from my house to campus.

Have you been recruiting anyone else for Wake Forest?

After I committed, I got in [class of 2012 small forward] Aaron [Rountree]’s ear and was telling him, ‘come on man you gotta commit, what are you doing, you need to commit.’

What’s your favorite basketball memory?

Probably playing in the Carolina Challenge and the [NBPA] Top 100 Camp. I felt like I was the underdog and I played well.

What was the coolest part of the recruiting process?

Being able to go in the locker rooms and learn all the history about all the schools. When I went to Wake it was cool seeing the locker rooms and who their past players were.

What was a cool thing you learned about Wake Forest?

Almost every, if not all basketball players who play for Wake, go on to graduate if they don’t go to the league.

What’s your favorite thing about basketball?

It takes me away if I’m having a bad day or facing girl problems or family problems. There’s nothing like going on the court and clearing my mind.

What’s one thing people probably don’t know about you?

I’ve never been a fan of Carolina or Duke.

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