Recruit Roundtable: Who’s recruiting who

We’re excited at NRS to unveil our newest weekly feature, Recruit Roundtable. In this new section, you will find the best prospects in the country discussing the hot topics and engage in the most controversial arguments at the time. Discussions can range from conference alignment to a recent news story or a long-standing debate. However, to get us started in our debut roundtable, we simply asked prospects one thing:

If you could have any guy commit to the school you’re going to, who would it be?

Ricardo Ledo | Senior | Shooting Guard | South Kent School | Providence

“If I could choose any player to commit to Providence, it would be… [class of 2012 power forward] Chris Obekpa and I’m also trying to help out with [class of 2013 center] Nerlens Noel. I’m trying to get [class of 2012 small forward] Jakarr Sampson on board and a couple more I haven’t named. I just tell them about the Providence atmosphere and to try to start something new, don’t try to be like everybody else and go to a school just because of the school’s name. I just tell them to be your own man, set your own trend.”

Tyler Lewis | Senior | Point Guard | Oak Hill Academy | North Carolina State

“If I could choose any player to commit to North Carolina State, it would be… [class of 2012 power forward] Amile Jefferson because he is very active. He can score and play on both sides of the ball really well. Also, we need a really good big guy. He would get us closer to “Fab Five” status. I think we have a great shot with him, especially since our other recruits are so good. Everybody wants to play with the best or beat the best and he has a chance to do both.”

Jordan Price | Senior | Shooting Guard | Southwest DeKalb HS | Auburn

“If I could choose any player to commit to Auburn, it would be… [class of 2012 power forward] Tony Parker. I want Tony to join me at Auburn because he is one of the best big men in the country. He works really hard and does his job down low really well. He also brings a good toughness whenever he plays and he’s great at rebounding. I know we don’t have much of a chance with him at this point, but he’s the guy I’d like to bring with me other than the people we already have coming.”

Daniel Ochefu | Senior | Center | Westtown School | Villanova

“If I could choose any player to commit to Villanova, it would be… Amile Jefferson. I know he is a fierce competitor and does anything it takes to win. He is also a mismatch problem because he can play inside and out. He is very versatile, he is a hard worker and he’s a great team player too. He doesn’t get caught up with his numbers, he just competes to win. I think right now he is pretty wide open so I do not know if we’ll get him.”

Jordan Adams | Senior | Small Forward | Oak Hill Academy | UCLA

“If I could choose any player to commit to UCLA, it would be… Tony Parker. He’d just bring another inside force to the game, he would dominate inside. He has so much potential to get better and he’s a hard-worker. He makes you want to play hard just like he does and he’s a great scorer and passer. He’s also a good person to be around and he could keep the team up if we were playing poorly.”

Brannen Greene | Junior | Shooting Guard | Mary Persons HS | Kansas

“If I could choose any player to commit to Kansas, it would be… [class of 2013 point guard] Tyler Ennis. I love him as a point guard. He has tremendous vision and we have played together at [the] Pangos [All-American Camp] and the [Nike] Elite 100. He would be a great fit at KU and would bring a level of composure and leadership. I think I have a decent chance at getting him to join me. I talk to him often and I will continue to talk to him.”

Codi Miller-McIntyre | Senior | Point Guard | Hargrave Military Academy | Wake Forest

“If I could choose any player to commit to Wake Forest, it would be… nobody. Honestly, I wouldn’t want anyone else besides the other five recruits [in the class of 2012] that we have and I think we have a great shot at accomplishing what we want to do. When you combine all of us plus the talent that is already at Wake Forest I think it equals nothing but a bright future.”

3 comments on “Recruit Roundtable: Who’s recruiting who

  1. Ricky is close friends with nerlens that would be a steal but it seems kentucky is in the lead

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