Adams talks Oak Hill, UCLA, meeting NBA players

Thanks to class of 2012 small forward Jordan Adams for doing the interview with us. The UCLA-bound scorer is one of the top wings in the country and stars on Oak Hill Academy (VA), one of the top high school teams in the country. Adams talked to us about who he thinks will be the next UCLA commit, a funny recruiting story about former Tennessee head coach Bruce Pearl and much more. Check it out below.

[Editor’s Note: Adams says there was a misunderstanding between he and the girl he spoke with and that the girl lied about representing Tennessee. The question and answer has since been deleted.]

Why did you commit to UCLA?

I think 2012 is going to be a great class — Arizona is stacking up too — and I felt like the team didn’t really have any shooters so I felt like I could go in there and probably get playing time as a shooting guard with my shooting ability.

What has been your favorite part of the recruiting process?

Just seeing where everyone else is going to go and see who you’ll be playing against in your conference and seeing where your teammates will commit and if you will possibly play against them.

You mentioned Arizona’s class, what do you think of their group coming in?

I think it’s a great class, [but] there’s only one ball to go around so it will be tough to get all those highly ranked players the ball.

What has been your least favorite part of the recruiting process?

My least favorite part was not being able to take my five official visits like I wanted to. I couldn’t do all them since I committed in June and I didn’t want to take an official visit to another school when I was already committed.

Why did you choose to commit at the time that you did?

I knew at the NBA camp [that I wanted to commit to UCLA] and I didn’t want to wait too long or I didn’t want my stock to drop. With all the coaches watching in the July period I didn’t want all that pressure on me and I knew where I wanted to go so I just wanted to get it out of the way.

Are there any other guys you’re trying to recruit to come to UCLA?

Yeah, [class of 2012 small forward] Shabazz Muhammad and [class of 2012 power forward] Tony Parker. I just tell them how good it would be to be together as freshmen starting. [Head] coach [Ben] Howland is telling all of us how much playing time we’ll get and I’m just trying to get in their heads and get the idea out.

How good of a shot do you think you have with those two guys?

With Shabazz, we have a pretty strong shot. I also think we have a strong shot with Tony so we’re just waiting until whenever they commit.

Who do you think will be the next UCLA commit?

I think it will be Tony Parker.

What has been your reaction to UCLA’s start this season?

I’ve just been shocked, they do have a good basketball team but they’re just not playing well. I’m just trying to see how they’ll turn around.

Has it made you second-guess your commitment at all?

No, it hasn’t because I can see where I can come in and play at.

What was the coolest moment of the recruiting process for you?

Just becoming cool with a lot of NBA players. I’m cool with [Atlanta Hawks power forward] Josh Smith and [Boston Celtics point guard] Rajon Rondo, [Portland Trail Blazers point guard] Nolan Smith, it’s just cool that I’ve gotten to know some of those guys. I could be there in a couple years playing with them.

How have you gotten to meet them?

I met Rajon Rondo through Josh Smith, I’m really cool with Josh Smith. I was able to meet Josh Smith through my AAU team, the Atlanta Celtics, and he also went to Oak Hill so we just became friends. Nolan Smith came to a lot of [Oak Hill] games last year and he came and spoke with us.

What was your favorite team to watch growing up?

I always liked Syracuse because of [New York Knicks Small Forward] Carmelo [Anthony], but they didn’t offer me so I kind of gave up that dream.

What’s one thing you like about UCLA that isn’t basketball related?

I love the campus, where it’s at and the people there. I can see myself fitting in.

Was there a particular moment when you knew you wanted to commit to UCLA?

To be honest, I wanted to be the first to commit there. I was hoping other people would follow and I wanted to get it out of the way.

What are you looking forward to at UCLA?

I’m looking forward to winning a Pac-12 Championship, making a deep run in the NCAA Tournament and keeping UCLA fans happy.

Are there any players you’re excited to play with?

Yeah, Kyle Anderson, [sophomore center] Josh Smith if he’s still there, hopefully Shabazz and Tony and [senior point guard] Larry Drew. Kyle will be great for our offense — he’s a good passer, Larry is a good point guard and with Josh, he’s good and everybody double-teams him so that will open me up so I can knock down some shots.

Are there any games or rivalries you look forward to playing in?

I’m looking forward to the Arizona game, the Oregon game and USC. I have friends who play for those schools so I think it would be fun and competitive to play against them.

So are there any players you look forward to playing against?

I look forward to playing against [class of 2012 shooting guard] Gabe York (Arizona); I think it would be a good match-up and we always get the best of each other so I think that would be fun.

Talk to me about how your season with Oak Hill is going so far.

I think our team is good this year, we have good team chemistry and we have great players at every position. We’re like 20-0. We’ve played some pretty good teams and came out and won against them. I like the intensity we have as a team and our goal is to go undefeated. We play a lot of games and I think we have a good shot at winning the National Championship.

Who has been the team MVP so far of the season?

I’d say [class of 2012 point guards] Tyler Lewis (North Carolina State) and D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera (Georgetown). They’ve been scoring well and been good defensively. They bring extra pieces to the team and key things that we need.

What’s one thing people probably don’t know about you?

Some people know I’m funny but some people don’t because they don’t really hang out with me.

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