Isaiah’s Ideas: May commit to KU Monday

Class of 2013 point guard Isaiah Lewis is one of the best players in the country and is being chased by some of the top programs in all of college basketball, including Kansas and Ohio State. He has agreed to give NRS exclusive access to his life and recruitment in his player blog and will reveal any important developments regarding his recruitment in these entries. Make sure you join over 1,000 other people and follow him @isaiahlewis12 on Twitter!


By: Isaiah Lewis         Isaiah’s First Blog | Isaiah’s Second Blog | Other NRS Player Blogs

What’s up everybody!? This is my third blog and it’s been real busy for me lately. I had my first few games recently for my high school, Christ The King, and I’m really looking forward to find how this season will turn out for us. We’re currently ranked 28th in the country by ESPN and USA Today has us just outside of the top-25 as well.

“[CTK] has what it takes to win a third consecutive CHSAA title.” ESPN»
Omar Calhoun returns after scoring 20.1 ppg to lead the Royals to a CHSAA title.” USA Today»

School has been going well for me, we had a game this past weekend against Troy [High School (NY)] and won by two. We played at their house and I played well. Now we’re getting ready for the Stop DWI Tournament in Binghamton in upstate New York, it should be good. That starts December 27th and lasts until December 30th so we’re going to be up there for about four days. It should be competitive with SS Neumann Goretti [Catholic High School (PA)], Mount Vernon [High School (NY)] and St. Rita [of Cascia High School (IL)] from Chicago, just a lot of competitive teams.

Then we travel to Missouri where we play Miller Grove [High School (GA)] in the Bass Pro Tournament of Champions at Missouri State University. Our last tournament is the Hoop Hall Classic in Massachusetts and we’re getting ready for some competitive basketball. Our break from school starts Friday so that’s our last day.

One thing I’ve thinking about lately is just getting my recruitment over and done with by my birthday. My birthday is December 26th, the day after Christmas, so I’ve been talking to my parents about possibly committing then. It’s not official yet but I’m really talking to my parents about doing that and thinking real hard about it.

If I were to commit then, it would be to Kansas. They’re leading right now but Louisville is right in the hunt, Memphis is in the hunt, Providence is the hunt and Villanova, Cincinnati, Miami (FL), Florida, Florida State, Washington, Seton Hall and West Virginia are on my list too. I’m considering all those schools but like I said, I’m favoring Kansas.

Christ The King’s Road Trip
• Stop DWI Tournament (NY)
• 5th Annual Villa Classic (PA)
• Bass Pro TOC (MO)
• Hoop Hall Classic (MA)

I’ve watched Kansas play a lot and I think I can fit in to their style of play. I think [head] coach [Bill] Self plays my type of offense that I play now. His guards really dictate everything on offense and I think I fit into Kansas’ style of play better than anyone else. Playing for a guy like Coach Self, someone who’s probably going to be in the Hall of Fame, it would be great. The fans are crazy and it’s always going to be competitive basketball if you go to Kansas. I’m just more comfortable with Kansas.

You have pros after pros that come out from Kansas and it’s a crazy environment. Obviously my goal is to play at the next level and I think Kansas and the coaching staff and the facilities will get me ready for that. I’m still planning on doing things with [class of 2013 shooting guard] Brannen Greene and we have talked about who we like. He really likes Kansas right now and obviously I like Kansas so maybe that will work out for us.

Over the next week I’m basically just trying to figure out if I like Kansas enough to commit to them. My coach and my parents have been telling me I haven’t visited yet but when I’m out in Missouri, Coach Self said he’s going to come see me at the Bass Pro TOC. While I’m out there, I’m probably going to visit the school and go up to the campus and meet all the players. That’s basically what I’ve been waiting for and I’m just thinking why not commit if that’s where I really want to go.

I don’t really see me committing on my birthday happening but I’m really thinking about doing it and it’s a real possibility. There’s probably about a 65 to 70 percent chance that I’m going to commit on my birthday but it all boils down to talking to Coach Self and making sure we’re seeing eye to eye. I want him telling me where I would fit, if I can come in and play right away and more important stuff like that. Kansas is probably where I want to go and that’s my favorite right now so I’m going to visit next month and we’re going to go from there.

It’s basically been the same college coaches contacting me recently but I’m starting to hear more from certain schools more like Ohio State, Washington, Tennessee and Georgia. There have been some schools trying to get involved but the same schools — Louisville, Kansas, Memphis, Florida — have been contacting me the most almost every day.

There have been some other things going on recently too that don’t have to do with my recruitment. I talked to [Oklahoma City shooting guard] James Harden a couple weeks ago and he was just telling me how he knew my high school season was coming up and saying how everyone is going to try to come after me because I’m one of the best players in New York City. He just wanted me to be ready and has given me the best advice. He said I just have to stay humble and I really respect his opinion.

Season Stats
• Points: 15.5
• Assists: 4.0
• Record: 1-1

I’ve also been talking to [Phoenix Suns point guard] Sebastian Telfair — he’s from Coney Island, [New York] so I talk to him a lot — and [Indiana Pacers shooting guard] Lance Stephenson, although I haven’t really worked out with anyone lately now that NBA season is getting ready to start. I am able to keep in contact though with guys like Lance, Sebastian, James Harden and [freshman point guard] Myck Kabongo from Texas — he really put me under his wing and texts me every other week so I respect that about him.

Before the season started, I worked out with some NBA guys like [former Portland Trailblazers guard] Erick Barkley who went to my school and [former Chicago Bulls point guard] Khalid Reeves — who played professionally for more than a decade — they both come back to the school and a lot of New York City guys like to compare me and Erick. He was the best player in New York when he was playing and I’m one of the best now so I’m just trying to listen to everything he can tell me. He’s been where I want to go — the NBA — and he went to St. John’s.

Everything else is going great for me, I’ve started playing NBA 2k12 whenever I’m not working out or doing my school work. I play against my little brother, my cousins, my friends and my dad — he gets on the game a little bit. Right now I’m like 80-0 but my brother has come close a few times. We went into like five overtimes the other day but he hasn’t beaten me yet. I like to use the Oklahoma City Thunder and throw up shots with Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Well, I just want to thank everyone for showing support and following my blog here on National Recruiting Spotlight. That’s it for now!


Thanks again to Isaiah Lewis for giving us an inside look at his life and recruitment. If you would like Isaiah to talk about anything specific, you can send an e-mail to National Recruiting Spotlight at joshpaunil@gmail.com with your tips and suggestions. Don’t forget to follow both Isaiah (@isaiahlewis12) and Josh (@JoshPaunilNRS) on Twitter.

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