Brannen’s Bulletin: Nearing a decision

Class of 2013 shooting guard Brannen Greene is from a small town in Georgia but is being recruited by national powerhouses such as Connecticut, Kansas and Ohio State. He has agreed to give National Recruiting Spotlight exclusive access to his life and recruitment in his player blog and will reveal important developments regarding his recruitment in these entries. Make sure you join over 1,000 people and follow him (@b_greene14) on Twitter!


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What’s up world! It’s Brannen Greene here doing another blog for National Recruiting Spotlight. And as you all know, I will be making my college decision shortly. I plan to talk about that, my midnight madness visit to the University of Kansas and my high school basketball season. But first off, I just want to thank National Recruiting Spotlight for giving me the opportunity to write a blog for their site and I want to thank all of you readers who take the time out of your day to read my blog entries. I’m very blessed to have such supportive fans like you all.

So, as you all know, I took my visit to KU on the weekend of midnight madness. I was there with some good friends like [class of 2013 point guard] Allerik Freeman and [class of 2013 power forward] Chris Walker. Overall, the weekend was a success and I really enjoyed myself in that particular setting. Basketball is definitely the focal point on campus, bar none. Midnight madness itself was crazy! The fans were so into the event it was unbelievable.

Before it started, we were with the KU basketball players in the locker room and we got to know the guys and listen to music. We also ate before the event. I sat with Allerik, Chris, [junior power forward] Thomas Robinson and [sophomore point guard] Niko Roberts. Thomas is someone I really look up to because of all he has been through in life at such an early age and he still manages to put a smile on his face each and every day. I was also there with [class of 2012 center] Kaleb Tarczewski and [class of 2012 power forward] Perry Ellis. They are great guys off the court.

[Head] coach [Bill] Self, [assistant] coach [Joe] Dooley, [assistant] coach [Kurtis] Townsend and [assistant] coach Danny Manning all made their rounds around the room and that was the first time I had a personal face-to-face conversation with Coach Self. We talked numerous times throughout the day after that. During midnight madness, the players danced and had a red versus blue scrimmage. After the event was over, we went back to the locker room and listened to Coach Self speak to his players. Then, we went and talked to some of the fans as we headed back to the dorm room. A group of fans actually chased us around Phog Allen Fieldhouse.

The next day, I sat down with Coach Self in his office before practice and he just talked about how he thought I could contribute to the program. After practice, we played pick-up with all the guys and it was pretty fun. I played well and I just tried to learn everything I could while playing against the players. Afterwards, I went to the football game with all the KU players and we watched them play Oklahoma until halftime. At halftime, we left and went back to the dorms and just chilled for the night.  I left the next day at 3:30 pm and got back home around 7:00 pm.

Now, I’m going to talk about me and my upcoming college decision. I recently narrowed my list down to nine schools and they were UConn, Kansas, Louisville, Florida, Harvard, Florida State, Providence, Memphis and Ohio State. By the end of the month, I plan to have made a decision.

It’s a really big decision and I’m factoring everything into my decision because this pretty much determines a large part of my future and it will have a great impact on my life going forward. I’m excited and thankful that all of these prestigious universities would like me to be a student-athlete for them. I have a singular focus and that is to represent the university to the best of my ability. This includes academically, socially and athletically. I must put myself in the best position to excel in all of these areas. I’m pretty sure me and my family can decide on the right school for me. I know you all are anxious and I will have something for you guys soon.

Now, I’m on to my basketball season. I’ve been enjoying my junior year so far. We have started off kind of slow. We recently just got back our football players because they made a decent run in the state tournament.  It took them a while to get their basketball legs back and their timing, but I believe they will be fine and so will we. We’ve had some chemistry problems and some role issues. Some kids just think they are better that what they are, so we get caught in tough binds at the end of the game.  I’m excited about what we can do, given the fact that we are returning everybody from last year except for one senior.

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Personally, I’ve been doing well. Teams have been focusing in on me with double teams and even triple teams sometimes. Currently, I am averaging 25 points per game and 12 rebounds. So far, I’ve had schools like Memphis, UConn, NC State and many more show up.  Our next game is tonight at home and quite a few college coaches will be there. Louisville’s head coach Rick Pitino should be there with assistant coach Wyking Jones. Kansas’ head coach Bill Self is expected to be there. Assistants from Harvard, Florida and Florida State will also be there. I’m excited.

Well guys, thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate it and I hope to do another one pretty soon. Thanks to Josh Paunil and NRS again for asking me to write this blog. Take care.


Thanks again to Brannen Greene for giving us an inside look at his life and recruitment. If you would like Brannen to talk about anything specific, you can send an e-mail to National Recruiting Spotlight at joshpaunil@gmail.com with your tips and suggestions. Don’t forget to follow both Brannen (@b_greene14) and Josh (@JoshPaunilNRS) on Twitter.

7 comments on “Brannen’s Bulletin: Nearing a decision

  1. good luck brannen…..rock chalk!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you in Kansas crimson and blue uniform. We will support you all the way. We love our basketball team like none other 🙂

  3. THANKS EVERYONE for reading my blog. I’m blessed to be in this position and have people who value my words. You don’t know how much it means to me. Thanks again!

  4. Rock Chalk, see you at the Fieldhouse!

  5. Can’t wait! Hope you come to Lawrence and join Jayhawk nation. Nothing like it! Good look though.

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