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Georges Niang almost didn’t want to return to Iowa

ISU coach Fred Hoiberg is happy Niang ended up returning.

Class of 2012 power forward Georges Niang just wanted to take a closer look at a couple of schools on his list at the time — the University of Iowa and Iowa State — but what he ended up doing was leaving the state of Iowa with a question of whether God was warning him never to go back.

“Maybe this is God telling me I should never come back to Iowa,” Niang recalled thinking after his pair of unofficial visits in The Hawkeye State.

It all started when the 6’7, 235-pound big man and his mom left his home in Methuen, Massachusetts to take a flight to Des Moines, Iowa. “We flew out there but my mom left her major credit card at home,” Niang said laughing, “so when we landed in Des Moines and we went to go get a rental car we only had a pre-paid credit card — so we couldn’t rent a car and we had to take a taxi all the way from Des Moines to Ames.

“I don’t know if you know the geography of Iowa but that’s like a $100 cab ride.”

And that’s only the beginning.

After his initial $100 cab ride, Niang took his visit at Iowa State and then went back to Des Moines which cost him and his mother another $100 cab ride to get to. After his two taxi rides that totaled $200, the pair took a megabus into Iowa City to visit the University of Iowa.

Then Niang really had to start questioning his luck.

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“After [the Iowa visit] we got a taxi service from Iowa City into Des Moines again and the guy who picked us up, he was like a hoarder,” Niang recalled. “I don’t know what it was but he had a bunch of trash in the car, like the whole front seat was filled with trash.

“So I was like maybe this is God telling me I should never come back to Iowa, but then again it was so great to be on that campus I can’t complain,” Niang says. “It was a lot of fun, I’m excited to get out there.”

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