Brannen’s Bulletin: Visits with Chris Walker, playing Ray Allen

Class of 2013 shooting guard Brannen Greene is from a small town in Georgia but is being recruited by national powerhouses such as Connecticut, Duke and Florida. He has agreed to give National Recruiting Spotlight exclusive access to his life and recruitment in his player blog and will reveal important developments regarding his recruitment in these entries. Make sure you follow him (@b_greene14) on Twitter!


Brannen’s first blog: Brannen’s Bulletin: Louisville visit, Midnight Madness, live chat

What’s up world! It’s Brannen Greene and I’m back again for my second journal entry. I’m extremely excited to tell you readers what I’ve been up to lately and how my visits have gone. Since visiting Louisville and Alabama, I have visited Florida, Florida State, UConn and Harvard. All were great visits and I really enjoyed them. I will get more in-depth later.

Lately, I’ve been working extremely hard — not only on the basketball court, but in the classroom too. I lift four to five times a week and I go hard! Have you guys ever just been able to look in the mirror and see the transformation of your body? It gives you such a boost of confidence to know your hard work is visible. School has been great and I’m meeting and making new friends I never had before. I get so much love from the student body that it’s crazy. I strive everyday to not let them down or my family down. They have so much faith in me and most of the students want to see me succeed so I’m happy to give them some excitement.

Brannen and Billy Donovan talking.

Okay, on to my first visit! Home of the Florida Gators! It was a great overall experience. I went down on a beautiful Saturday. It was the first football game of the season and the tension was built up around campus. Students were filled with joy and anxious to see how their Gators would do. I got to watch the basketball team workout and then after that, I ran pick-up with the team. It was a lot of fun. Then after that, I got to sit down with [head] coach [Billy] Donovan! We had a great talk and he told me what his intentions were for me if I were to choose Florida. He said he would play me at the point guard, shooting guard and small forward positions. I won’t discuss the rest but I was very impressed overall with the talk. I then went to the football game with my friends [class of 2013 power forward] Chris Walker and [class of 2013 point guard] Kasey Hill! The atmosphere was incredible. After the game, we left to go home. We had a little trouble because my dad couldn’t find his truck, a suburban, because one of the managers had moved it. I thought that was pretty funny.

My next visit was to Florida State. I went there on the weekend of the Oklahoma game and the atmosphere was out of this world! I took a ton of pictures with random college girls and I had a blast. I got to sit down with [head] coach [Leonard] Hamilton twice and toured the facilities. After that, I went to the team tailgate and the food was awesome! I had about three plates and my dad had two. Once again, I was with my good friend Chris Walker. I spent most of the time with the team and [Florida State junior power forward] Terrance Shannon. He was once a student at Mary Persons High School (Georgia), just as I am. We are really tight and he showed me around and we just talked about the past. Then, we went to the game and it was just absolutely amazing. It was the loudest football game I’ve ever attended and the students were going nuts. I actually started to get a little excited myself. Once that was over, I traveled back home.

Brannen and Chris Walker at the Florida State versus Oklahoma football game.

My next visit was to UConn two Thursdays ago.  It was a great trip. I toured some of the athletic facilities and I got the opportunity to play pick-up against the great [Boston Celtics shooting guard] Ray Allen. Man, he has the quickest release ever but I played great defense on him. I blocked a couple of his shots and scored quite a few buckets. I was teamed up with Shabazz Napier, Jeremy Lamb, Andre Drummond and Alex Oriakhi. We only lost one game and the rest were all wins for us. Playing with those guys was a ton of fun. Afterwards, I sat down with Ray Allen for about 30 minutes and got some serious pointers from him. He gave me a new way to look at things and I really appreciate him for that. Right after that, I sat down with [head] coach [Jim] Calhoun and [assistant] coach [Kevin] Ollie. The talk lasted for quite sometime and it was worth it. Coach Calhoun really broke down my game to me and described how he would use me. He also told me what he thought I could be and I listened to every single word he said. Shortly after that, I went and hung out with my good friend Kaleena Lewis for a little while. She’s a great person and it was good to see her. My visit was pretty much over after that.

My final visit was to Harvard and boy did I have a good time. I spent two days there and it was two days to remember. I know my dad had a good time since he was finally away from me for a little while. Haha, I love him though. He came to the gym and watched me play pick-up and we ate a few meals together. Other than that, I was with the Harvard basketball players. We did a lot of walking around and we ate at places I had never heard of. The food was great and everybody had a ball. We laughed so hard constantly. I really made a ton of friends and we exchanged phone numbers. Harvard was really just a great place to be. The campus was nice and it was all so structured. I had a high-level of respect for that. My friend [class of 2013 small forward] Stephen Domingo and I hung out constantly. We were the first two to get there and we stayed close the whole weekend. Overall, it was a great weekend.

Well readers, that about sums it up! I thank you for tuning in and I hope to write another journal for you guys soon. Once again, thank you!


Thanks again to Brannen Greene for giving us an inside look at his life and recruitment. If you would like Brannen to talk about anything specific, you can send an e-mail to National Recruiting Spotlight at joshpaunil@gmail.com with your tips and suggestions. Don’t forget to follow both Brannen (@b_greene14) and Josh (@JoshPaunilNRS) on Twitter.

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