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Does Perry Ellis have a top three?

Class of 2012 power forward Perry Ellis (#10) long had the same list of schools — Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky, Memphis, Oklahoma and Wichita State — but after former Oklahoma head coach Jeff Capel made the move to be an assistant at Duke, the Blue Devils were added to his list.

Now it seems they are in his top three.

“It looks like his top three schools are Kansas, Kentucky and Duke,” said a source close to the situation. The source also indicated that Perry may have cut two schools off his list. “He has five schools that are in play,” the source said. “Kansas State and Memphis are neck and neck right now.”

We were also able to get in contact with Ellis’ mother, Fonda Ellis, who said Perry hasn’t officially cut his list. She also discussed when Perry will determine who he wants to visit. “When Perry returns home from Vegas and hopefully before he leaves for Adidas Nation on August 4th we are planning to get together,” says Fonda, “with Perry’s high school coach Joe Auer and AAU coach Steve Young along with Perry, my husband and myself to discuss what schools he wants to visit.”

Fonda also talked about what’s important in Perry’s decision-making process and which coaches he feels comfortable with. “Perry wants to feel comfortable — that is the main thing — and has known [Kansas head coach] Bill Self, [Kansas State head coach] Frank Martin, [Kentucky head coach] John Calipari, [Memphis head coach] Josh Pastner, Jeff Capel and [Wichita State head coach] Gregg Marshall all about three years now,” adds Fonda. “It will come down to were Perry feels the most comfortable and also were he feels God wants him to go.”

Perry also has an idea of when he will take his visits. “I don’t know if he will take five visits or not,” says Fonda, “[but] he would probably take them in September and October before his actual season starts mid November.”

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