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Troy Williams names who he would visit, which ex-coach influences him

Class of 2013 small forward Troy Williams (Watch List) has national powerhouses like Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky chasing after him, but a couple of local schools are standing out too.

“If I had to pick right now, I would visit UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Georgetown and Virginia Tech,” Williams said in a phone interview. “They have been showing me the most interest.”

Other schools on Williams hard includes Miami (FL) and DePaul. “Georgetown, Virginia Tech, DePaul, UNC and Miami (FL) are recruiting me the hardest,” says Williams. “Virginia Tech and Georgetown definitely call me the most with UNC behind them. Virginia Tech, Georgetown and UNC are the schools I see the most at my games. “

Florida has also shown a lot of interest in Williams. “Florida called me first when coaches could start contacting me at midnight,” says Williams. “I could tell they have a lot of interest in me, it doesn’t really affect my recruitment, though.” Other schools to call him on that first day include Louisville, Georgetown, Alabama, DePaul, North Carolina and Virginia. Texas also called his uncle, Boo Williams.

However, even with all this interest from numerous schools across the country, Williams doesn’t have a list yet. “I’m completely wide open right now,” says Williams, “I don’t have a list at all, not even a top ten or anything.”

He also doesn’t have a favorite coach or coaching staff, although one former coach is heavily affecting his recruitment. “My favorite coach isn’t so much [Georgetown head coach] John Thompson III, it’s his dad, [former Georgetown coach] John Thompson, Jr.” says Williams.

“Big John is straight forward, he doesn’t sugar coat anything, it’s plain, simple and right to the point. Other colleges keep it straight forward but Big John keeps it real. He’s definitely been recruiting me a lot.” Williams also stated that he knows the Georgetown coaches the best.

Another thing affecting his recruitment is playing style. “I like the up-tempo system but I also wouldn’t mind a school that will shape me into an NBA player, because I want to go to the league,” says Williams. “The colleges that would help me with that are Kentucky, UNC, Georgetown and Duke.”

However, Williams hasn’t yet identified who embodies what he’s looking for in a school. “Of course the academics have to be good, that’s a given,” says Williams. “I also want a strong relationship with the head coach and the team needs to have a good rotation of plays. I don’t know who that is though.”

Although, he does have someone close to him who is significantly helping him in the recruiting process. “My uncle Boo has helped me the most in the recruiting process,” says Williams, “he always gives me a little background on schools when they call.”

However, his uncle can provide more help than the average uncle can across the country. Williams’ uncle is a legendary AAU figure and even has a summer league and organization named after him, who his nephew plays for. “He has a lot of inside information about coaches,” Williams explains, “most people only know coaches from television but he knows them from first-hand experiences, he’s helped tremendously.”

Even though he doesn’t have a list yet nor does he have a favorite coaching staff, Williams does plan on committing within a year from now. “By the middle of my junior year I’m going to get my top five,” says Williams, “and by this time next summer I should be committed.”

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