NBPA Top 100 Camp Day Two Recap

On the second day of the NBPA Top 100 Camp many day one stars continued to play well but there were also a lot of breakout performances from under the radar guys like class of 2012 point guard Gabe York. Don’t miss who the top performers were on day two and other evaluations of top prospects like class of 2012 center Andre Drummond (#1) and class of 2012 shooting guard Rodney Purvis (#7). Also be sure to check out our day two recruiting notes.


Gabe York ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

York was among the best players on day two since he literally did well in every aspect of the game. He passed well, drove well, shot well, played good defense and made smart decisions. He also showed good athleticism and finishes well around the basket. His stroke is pure and whenever the ball was in his hands great things happened. York was simply terrific in every way throughout the entire game in the first session.

Montrezl Harrell ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Small Forward ¦ Virginia Tech ¦ 2012

Harrell was impressive on day two as he proved that he’s a great finisher above the rim and can do a variety of things well. He was a good shot-blocker, ran the floor well and has good size. He also displayed good strength and athleticism that helped him as he was constantly getting to the rim. However, he needs to improve on his shooting to take his game to the next level.

Amile Jefferson ¦ Rank: #11 ¦ Power Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Jefferson was one of the best players on the court on day two of the camp because of his versatility and ability to excel in numerous aspects of the game. On the offensive end, he was able to consistently finish through contact, drive to the basket well and crash the boards. He also displayed an impressive quick baseline move that was effective and ran the floor well. Jefferson exhibited good speed, quickness and athleticism as well and was very fun to watch.

T.J. Warren ¦ Rank: #47 ¦ Small Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Warren was one of the standouts on day two since he was versatile on offense by both consistently getting to the basket and knocking down three-pointers. He has a very nice shooting stroke and also displayed the ability to finish with his left hand around the rim. Warren also used his size well on the defensive end since he rebounded and even had a few blocked shots.

J-Mychal Reese ¦ Rank: #38 ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Reese was a clear standout on the second day of games at the Top 100 camp as every aspect of his game was just smooth. He had smooth ball-handling skills, a smooth mid-range stroke and a smooth three-point shot. Reese also exhibited a quick first step that got him by his opponent consistently and was fast with the ball in his hands. He was excellent in transition as well and was consistent from behind the arc and made several good passes.

Nate Britt ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2013

Britt was impressive on day two as he did everything well on offense. He knocked down three-pointers, had a smooth mid-range game and consistently got into the lane. Once in the paint, he did a terrific job finishing around the rim and was able to use both hands to score. He also played intelligently and was one of the surprises at the standouts at the entire NBPA camp.

Just Missed the Cut

Kyle Anderson ¦ Rank: #22 ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

When you first see Anderson on the court, you expect him to play on the wing or interior and not bring the ball up the court. However, what I heard Los Angeles Laker Luke Walton say captures Anderson pretty well: “That guy… that guy is pretty good.” Anderson showed his versatility since he improved his ball-handling, drove well and exhibited good body control. He also was strong and smart with the ball and used that to consistently get in the lane.

D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera ¦ Rank: #32 ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Smith-Rivera well in the second day since he was able to both get to the bucket and open up scoring opportunities for his teammates. He was strong in getting to the basket and displayed good passing and court vision. He was also able to consistently get by his defender and get into the lane. Another attractive quality is his willingness to play inside and rebound.

Tony Parker ¦ Rank: #15 ¦ Power Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Parker consistently played well on day two because of how good he was in the post. He used his great size and strength to finish around the basket well and block multiple shots. He also displayed a few different scoring moves in the post and defended well in the paint against some guys who were bigger than him and others who were more athletic.

Kris Dunn ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Dunn was impressive again at the NBPA camp after his strong showing at preceding camps by playing very good defense and using his quick first step to constantly get by his defender. He was aggressive on the defensive end and was able to keep his man in front of him as he used his quickness to not let opponents get by him. Dunn also showed a quick crossover that got him into the lane consistently as well as the ability to finish through contact and make smart decisions.

L.J. Rose ¦ Rank: #20 ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Rose impressed on day two as he did a very good job at facilitating while taking advantages of scoring opportunities for himself when they opened up. He was very intelligent with the ball in his hands and displayed terrific court vision. He also did a tremendous job of both knocking down his perimeter shots and getting into the lane where he had the ability to finish or make a pass to a big man. Rose simply played well in every aspect on offense and also used a very nice spin-move.

Robert Carter ¦ Rank: #33 ¦ Power Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Carter is one of the best post-players in the country and exhibited numerous impressive moves that showed off his footwork and intelligence. His interior scoring moves are ahead of most of the big men in the class of 2012 and he has the ability to run the floor and score in transition as well. He is an excellent rebounder too and has the size and strength to battle with big men down low but also has the quickness and footwork to play well against more athletic forwards.

Everyone Else

Matt Costello ¦ Rank: #36 ¦ Center ¦ Michigan State ¦ 2012

Costello is a sound big man who is a very good defender and consistently blocks and alters shots. He can also rebound and displayed a nice hook shot over his right shoulder. He has great fundamentals and continued his impressive summer with another good showing against some of the top high school talent in the country. He also showed the ability to play on the perimeter on both ends of the floor and knocked down mid-range jumpers and exhibited an effective spin-move.

Jerome Hairston ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Point Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Hairston had a good all-around game whether it was handling the ball well, making smart and crisp passes and making his mid-range jump shots. He did a good job distributing and does a variety of things well when he scores whether it’s hitting three-pointers with very good range or getting to the rim well and finishing through contact. He also played well in transition.

Glenn Robinson ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Small Forward ¦ Michigan ¦ 2012

Robinson did a good job on day two as he was excellent in getting to the lane and scored well around the basket. He also displayed a nice spin-move to get to the basket and was able to finish around or through contact. Robinson utilized is good length too as he was able to get shots up over small defenders and get his hands in the passing lanes.

Marcus Smart ¦ Rank: #34 ¦ Small Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Smart was versatile on day two at the NBPA Top 100 Camp as he hit three-pointers, finished well around the basket and played good defense. He was a very good scorer and used his strength to get into the lane and keep his opponents out of it. He did a good job of finishing through contact and showed the ability to hit shots from anywhere on the floor.

Ryan Arcidiacono ¦ Rank: #29 ¦ Point Guard ¦ Villanova ¦ 2012

Arcidiacono showed he is able to be more than just a scorer on day two. Not only did he display how good of a shooter he is, but he played with a pass-first mentality and exhibited good ball-handling skills. He also had good body control when he operated in the lane and finished well around the basket. He did a good job of consistently slashing to the basket as well and had good court vision. In addition, he was a smart defender but he committed a few turnovers and his lack of good athleticism hurt his defensive effort.

Chris Walker ¦ Rank: Watch List ¦ Power Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2013

Walker did a variety of things well on day two since he ran the floor well, played good defense and showed the ability to finish with his left hand. Walker displayed his length and athleticism and finished through contact on the offensive end and blocked shots on the defensive end. His offensive game is behind his defensive skill set but he is an all-around impact player.

Cameron Ridley ¦ Rank: #8 ¦ Center ¦ Texas ¦ 2012

Ridley used his size to his advantage throughout the second day of action as he finished through contact well and was a good shot-blocker. However, he showed a few areas he needs to improve on including his recognition of the double-team and the need of when to pass out of it. Multiple times he tried to fight through the second defender instead of hitting the open man. He also needs to finish better around the rim.

Jordan Adams ¦ Rank: #50 ¦ Small Forward ¦ U.C.L.A. ¦ 2012

Adams played good defense and netted a few steals as he used his intelligence and athletic ability to take advantage of the offense’s mistakes. He also showed the ability to shoot from both the mid-range game and perimeter and made some nice passes. However, he needs to get quicker laterally so he can do a better job of staying in front of his opponents and keeping guys our of the lane.

Omar Calhoun, Jr. ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Shooting Guard ¦ Connecticut ¦ 2012

Calhoun did a very good job of driving and finishing as he displayed multiple moves to get by the initial defender. He used an impressive pump-fake among other things and was able to finish with both hands around the rim. He also played aggressive defense that put pressure on his opponents and forced some turnovers.

Brandon Ashley ¦ Rank: #4 ¦ Power Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Ashley had another good game between his ability to run the floor and finish well in transition. He showed his athleticism and length since he was very difficult to defend in the open court and also showed the ability to handle the ball. In addition, he did a good job of rebounding on both ends and continues to show his versatility every time he steps onto the court.

Shaquille Cleare ¦ Rank: #26 ¦ Center ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Cleare is simply a huge big man that is strong, rebounds very well and has good body control. He also runs the floor well at times and is impossible to stop in transition when he gets out on the break. He also displayed a nice hook shot in the low post and made nice passes when he was double-teamed in the interior.

Shawn Smith ¦ Rank: #49 ¦ Shooting Guard ¦ Central Florida ¦ 2012

Smith did a good job on day two since he did a great job of finishing through contact and using his strength to his advantage. He played good defense, had a couple of nice blocks and uses both hands around the basket. He did a good job of scoring around the basket and made the peri meter shots he took as well.

Joel James ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Center ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

James has terrific size and strength in the low post and uses it to push people around in the paint. He did a very good job rebounding and a nice mid-range stroke. He fights well in the interior and makes sure weaker opponents have trouble scoring on him inside. However, he needs to improve on his low post scoring moves and foot work to become a scoring threat in the paint.

Gavin Ware ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Center ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Ware displayed impressive post moves on day two and has good size and strength. He showed a very effective spin move without the ball in the low post which consistently got him open. He exhibited multiple scoring moves in the post and showed he can be a scoring threat inside the paint.

Mitch McGary ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Power Forward ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

McGary played well for the second straight day as he put on display his excellent shot-blocking abilities. He also showed his great footwork and consistent ability to run the floor. He also had a good presence of mind and was versatile by helping his team in every way. Even when he didn’t score, he created scoring opportunities for others and made nice passes.

Evan Nolte ¦ Rank: NR ¦ Small Forward ¦ Virginia ¦ 2012

Nolte did a good job slashing to the bucket and finished well around the rim. He used his size and strength intelligently as well as good foot work to constantly get in the lane since he isn’t able to simply blow past guys. He also did all of the small things that you look for such as hustling after loose balls, rebounding and looking for a teammate’s open shot rather than his own.

Grant Jerrett ¦ Rank: #12 ¦ Power Forward ¦ Arizona ¦ 2012

Jerrett did it all on day two since he made his shots, rebounded and defended. He played intelligently and was much stronger than he looked. Although Jerrett doesn’t have the type of athleticism that others in his class do, he’s the type of guy who makes up for what he’s lacing physically with what he can do mentally.

Rodney Purvis ¦ Rank: #7 ¦ Shooting Guard ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Purvis played well in his first day at the NBPA Top 100 camp as he displayed a beautiful shooting stroke and ability to get in the lane at will. He was an excellent slasher and used good body control to weave in and out of traffic. He also displayed impressive range out to the NBA three-point line and was exciting to watch.

Andre Drummond ¦ Rank: #1 ¦ Center ¦ Undecided ¦ 2012

Drummond improved his game on the second day of games since he ran the floor extremely well, finished through contact and was rebounding. He also displayed an impressive hook shot early and did a great job of blocking shots. However, he still hasn’t reached his peak potential at this camp and needs to start producing at the level he’s capable of.

All pictures courtesy of National Recruiting Spotlight’s photographer, Daryl Paunil.

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