Recruiting Notes From the NBPA Top 100 Camp (Day One)

Throughout the first day of the NBPA Top 100 Camp, we had the chance to talk to several elite recruits in both the class of 2012 and class of 2013 so check out what guys like center Nerlens Noel (Watch List), power forward Mitch McGary, power forward Tony Parker (#15) and shooting guard Gary Harris (#13) are saying. Remember, you can also get live updates from the event by following us on Twitter and read our day one recap which is coming later today.

Poythress dunks at the Top 100 Camp. (Daryl Paunil/NRS)

Alex Poythress ¦ Rank: #25 ¦ Power Forward ¦ 2012

On who’s contacted him recently: “Vandy, Memphis, Duke, Louisville, Alabama, Florida, Georgia Tech.”

On who’s recruiting him the hardest: “The in-state schools (Vanderbilt, Memphis and Tennessee).”

On which coaching staff he has the best relationship with: “Probably Vandy because I’ve known them the longest. They were the first ones to start recruiting me.”

On what he’s looking for in a school: “A school that I can fit in, a school that uses their wings well… that can shoot and run up and down the floor.”

On what Vanderbilt is telling him: “That they really need a wing.”

Noel blocks a shot at the Top 100 Camp. (Daryl Paunil/NRS)

Nerlens Noel ¦ Watch List ¦ Center ¦ 2013

On when he will narrow down his schools: “I’m pretty sure I’m going to put out a list after Nationals or in the early Fall.”

On the school that contacted him first Wednesday and who else he talked to: “Florida. I talked to Kentucky, Pitt, Providence, Syracuse… I had a few missed calls that I haven’t called back yet.”

On if one conversation stood out: “No, they were all good conversations, positive. All of them were good.”

On what schools were telling him: “I could come in their program and contribute right away. There were a couple of players coaches compared me to.”

On who he was compared to: “Coach [John] Calipari gave me a comparison to Marcus Camby. Coach Hopkins from Syracuse compared me to David Robinson.”

On visits he has planned: “I’m going to take a couple visits this summer. After Nationals I’ll probably visit Florida and then I’m just going to work in some more visits.”

(Daryl Paunil/NRS)

On his list of schools: “Florida, Alabama, UGA, Memphis and U.C.L.A.”

On how he narrowed it down to those schools: “They talked to me the most.”

On what they’re telling him: “I can come there and be a big thing at their school. I could play right off the bat.”

On which coaching staff he has the best relationship with: “I have a good relationship with all of them. Really, they’re all even.”

On his timetable for making visits: “I think four of them are going to happen this summer.”

On specific schools he’s visiting: “I’m supposed to take one to U.C.L.A… [but] I don’t know when.”

On whether a friend’s commitment would impact his decision: “It might, it would be nice, it depends on the school they go to.”

(Daryl Paunil/NRS)

Kyle Anderson ¦ Rank: #22 ¦ Point Guard ¦ 2012

On some of the factors in his recruitment: “Style of play, good history with the coach, the type of school, what they can do for me during life after basketball.”

On which coaching staff he has the best relationship with: “The Seton Hall coaches because I’ve known them for so long. I have a great relationship with the Georgetown coaches because coach Thompson has been recruiting me since my freshman year.”

On potential visits and when he will take them: “I’m planning on going to Florida in September. It went well, I walked around the camp, I’ve been there before so that was my second time.”

(Daryl Paunil/NRS)

Tony Parker ¦ Rank: #15 ¦ Power Forward ¦ 2012

On his top three schools: “Ohio State, Duke and Memphis.”

On the factors in his recruitment: “A great place to play, a great basketball school. Just an all-around good learning experience and good academics.”

On which school is the best fit for him and why: “Ohio State, they have power bigs and play a really good pace. They just have a good program that I think I’ll really fit in to.”

On a timetable for his official visits: “I’ll probably take all five of them in the fall.”

(Daryl Paunil/NRS)

Gary Harris ¦ Rank: #13 ¦ Shooting Guard ¦ 2012

On his list of schools: “A lot of Midwest schools: Indiana, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Louisville, Michigan.”

On which schools contact him the most: “Indiana, Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue, Louisville.”

On which friends are recruiting him: “Jeremy Hollowell, Yogi [Ferrell] are trying to get me to come to IU… Ronnie Johnson and Rapheal Davis want me at Purdue.

On factors in his recruitment: “Where I can go in and play, the coach will make me better, I’ll get better and where I can win.”

(Daryl Paunil/NRS)

Mitch McGary ¦ Not Ranked ¦ Power Forward ¦ 2012

On which schools are recruiting him the hardest: “Maryland definitely, Connecticut, Florida, Texas and West Virginia… Kentucky calls a lot, and Kansas. Duke and North Carolina are coming at me hard.”

On in-state schools: “They kind of stopped talking to me. Everything blew out of proportion. They seemed to lose interest.”

On Maryland assistant coach Orlando Ranson, a life-time friend of one of McGary’s coaches: “Like an aggressive salesman… like a car salesman trying to get you to buy.”

Ricardo Gathers ¦ Rank: #31 ¦ Power Forward ¦ 2012

On the schools recruiting him the hardest: “St. John’s, Syracuse, LSU, Baylor, Texas, Oregon, Cal.”

On who he’s considering: “Them schools definitely… Kansas, Carolina.”

On what he’s looking for: “First is academics, the atmosphere of the school, will I like being on campus. Also a school that will help me expand my game and help me get to the next level.

On which coaching staff he has the best relationship with: “St. John’s and Texas. We are talking constantly and getting to know each other well.”

On his visits to Texas and St. John’s: “They were good. Texas had a beautiful campus. I just love the feeling out there. St. John’s, my aunt lives right across so I get the best of both worlds.”

On planned visits: “One to Arizona in August, one to Oregon in August… and that’s about it.”

On college guys recruiting him: “Nick Johnson, me an him be keeping in contact regularly.”

On which coaching changes have affected his recruitment: “Texas A&M, they have DJ Kennedy now. That really put them on my list.

(Daryl Paunil/NRS)

L.J. Rose ¦ Rank: #20 ¦ Point Guard ¦ 2012

On his list: “U.C.L.A., Texas, Kansas, Baylor, Arizona, Memphis.”

On which school has been recruiting him the hardest: “Probably U.C.L.A. and Virginia.”

On what those schools are telling him: “Virginia, they’re just looking for a program-changer. They’re bringing in Justin Anderson and Evan Nolte and they just want the program back up and running. U.C.L.A., same thing, Texas, it’s close to home it’s a great school.”

On which coaching staff he has the best relationship with and why: “Probably Texas and U.C.L.A., they’re about the same. Texas, they started recruiting me in eighth grade so I’ve known them for a while and U.C.L.A., I just talk to them a lot.”

On the factors in his decision: “Trust in the coaching staff, that’s the main thing. Everything else will fall in place. Location doesn’t play a factor at all.”

D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera ¦ Rank: #32 ¦ Point Guard ¦ 2012

On his list of schools: “Georgetown, Xavier, U.C.L.A., Louisville.”

On the schools recruiting him the hardest: “Louisville and Xavier have been coming pretty hard and U.C.L.A. too but those two are in contact the most.”

On factors in his recruitment: “How the coach runs the system. With that list of schools I don’t think I can go wrong.”

On what coaches are telling him: “That they’re recruiting me as a point guard and I can come in and lead the team”

On any planned visits: “Michigan State has recently got involved in my recruitment so hopefully I’ll go check them out.”

On a timetable for his decision: “Either at the end of the summer or during next school year.”

On which coaching staff he has the best relationship with: “Xavier, because they’re right across the border of my state and I’ve known those guys a while.”

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